Emma Grace

Emma Grace

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Emma Grace is a two-person indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Sam Sokoloff and Zach Crystal.


A little about us: Our band name is Emma Grace. Why you ask? Because it's my [Zach] sister's name and we thought it sounded nice. We have been confused for a singer-songwriting female but I think our music should be enough to convince otherwise. We record and produce our own music in our basement. We currently are in university and record every second we aren't studying. It's been a passion both Sam and I have had since we met when we were 5. Fifteen years later and still friends, we know that we want to make music for the rest of our lives. So, that is pretty much our musical life story.


190 EP, 2011
Saturday EP, 2012

Upcoming in Summer 2012

Set List

Out My Window
Stuck In the Air
Waiting for the Sun