Emma Heartbeat

Emma Heartbeat

BandEDMHip Hop

An energetic and unique sound created by a female mc with a german accent and two electronic drum boys


In 2012 Emma Heartbeat was rated one of the top-discoveries at the SXSW Festival in Austin / Texas by the NY Culture Blog Flavourwire. The Female MC and the two electronic-drum players were nominated for the New Music Award and the Popup-NRW Award. One of their personal highlites in 2012 was opening up for Gorillaz mainstage at the Sea of Love Festival.
They toured America twice, UK and continental Europe, their single "Just An Advice" debuted at BBC and their songs were remixed by the likes of Kraddy, Phon.o, Sepalot and many more.
In 2013 Emma Heartbeat are preparing to release an album.


2012 Better Better Better (ITD / Ger)
2012 Sunglasses (Rat Records / Uk)
2011 Just an Advice (incl. Kraddy, Sepalot & Turnsteak)
2011 That will do you Good