Emma  Jacob

Emma Jacob

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

My music is country with a rock edge. I love to entertain, give me a crowd, doesn't matter what size, just give me a crowd.


What do you get when you mix a little California sunshine, with powerhouse vocals and an incredible story of survival?

Meet Emma Jacob.

Born in California in the San Fernando Valley and a self-professed “Valley Girl”, Emma moved to Nashville when she was 14, after Nashville music veteran Paul Worley saw her perform and encouraged her to pursue a career as a performer.

It was there that she cut her teeth as an artist, learning the ropes of the music business, songwriting and garnering opening spots for the likes of Jason Aldean, Charlie Daniels, Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan and Billy Currington. She also performed at NASCAR and PBR events and for the Atlanta Braves.

But one of the brightest young voices in country music almost didn’t have the chance to be heard. When Emma was born, she was given up for adoption. Tiny, neglected, needing surgeries, with a drug addiction passed to her by her biological mother, doctors were not sure she would live, and if she did, they felt certain she would have behavioral and emotional deficiencies and never be a ‘normal’ child.

But one loving family wanted to adopt her anyway, and give her a home, stability and love. And as she grew, she prospered and every day it became more clear that Emma would not only survive, not just be ‘normal’ but that she would have a gift…to entertain and to use her voice to connect with people.

“I am living proof that there is no such thing as a lost cause…if someone believes in you and loves you, you can do anything,” says Emma. “When I am facing a challenge in the music business, I say to myself ‘This isn’t tough. Having no family and no future is tough. And if you made it through that, you can make it through this.’”

Emma released three singles to radio, with her first single reaching the top 40 status on mainstream radio and she has had two singles in the top ten on the inspirational country music charts. She has completed two studio albums, 2,232 Miles and Strong Like Me – the latter which earned Jacob nominations for two 2010 Christian Country Music Awards, for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist.

Emma is an accomplished performer and her live show offers the enthusiasm of her years, with the on-stage presence of a veteran. “I think it surprises people that I am as outgoing as a performer, because at home I am pretty quiet, a jeans and sweatshirt kinda girl,” laughs Emma.

With one exception. “High heeled boots…I love them!”

These days you can find her playing shows throughout the United States and working on several creative projects, including a venture into the world of anime, Japanese-styled animation.

“I’m not a wide-eyed little girl anymore and I think my performance says that,” says Emma. “I’ve grown up. And I feel like there is a new level of sophistication in not only me, but in my music and in my live show as well.”


2007 - released "With You" to country radio

2009 - released: "2,232 miles" cd to ITunes
2009 - released "Julianna" to country radio
2009 - released "Baby It's Cold Outside" to country radio

2010 - released "Strong Like Me" CD
2010 - released "After All" to country/christan radio

Set List

My set list includes songs I have written and they run between 20 minutes and 60 minutes and could go up to 90 minutes.