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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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One song "little yellow butterfly" was advertised as " wanted - 5-6 songwriters to write songs of hope and inspiration in the face of depression etc. the songs will used as a backdrop for a program, (to be shown Aust wide throughout schools and Uni's via the web, Your music will provide the backrop) etc. With that direction I hd the song LYB written, recorded and posted within a couple of hours and I;m soooo pleased to say that they asked if they could keep the song as their permanent theme song for the entire organisation, (an auspicious and momentous occaision for me). On the site we founf each other, (starnow), they've left a most flattering "advertsier feedback" and star rating which I'm hoping will lead to more sork like this. As I said, this seems to be what I excell in and so I should probably focus on it for a while, (NOT exclusivly though). The song will eventually have a youtube, (etc) face but we have to wait for funding for prof recording etc.
Aside from that - for now there's no up coming events.........yet


Feeling a bit camera shy


When I was 19, studying medicine at uni, doing gigs on weekends to cover uni life, (ie etoh and peter styvestant), I gave up the uni and pursued the life of the rockstar. As you've doubtless worked out, my brilliant music career went......well......no where and guess what? In 07-8 I found myself back at uni studying medicine until life threw a curve ball and i found I was pregnant. "No worries" said uni, (i'd be doing it on my own), "no need to defer - we'll help you through" The plan was to have the rest of 08 off then continue, (supported), in 09. Life and it's funny wee curve balls though - 8 weeks after having Toby I started feeling sick. I'm smart - I knew STRAIGHT away what it meant.....but DUMB - With the medical and registered Nurse degree you'd think Id've worked out how these things happen. Uni wasn't quite so supportive this time around, ("2 babies !! MONTHS APART? Ummmmm?)
Bugger 'em I thought. I'll go back to plan 1 and be a rockstar. I recorded, (in the bathroom on laptop), a couple of songs, myspaced them and sat back waiting for royalty chqs to arrive. that was 2 yrs ago and...yes....you guessed it...Not 1 single chq. My contingency, ("revenge will be sweet") plan wan't going, well, to plan. I've realised, (after 2 short yrs), that to "get anywhere" ya need a whole lotta self promotion [ which I sux at], good luck/timing, contacts and, basically hard work to get a toe nail in the door of "the industry"...................which brings me here. Self promoting my songwriting skills which I;ve previously described as a bit folky/acoustic. If my "influences" are who I mainly listen too then I'm afraid I have a very conservative list of all the typical 70's artists, eg, simon and garf, john Lennon, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor, Loudon Wainwright< (iii)>, stones, Van the manniest, bellamy bros Janis' I and J, carol King, carly S, . There's a million more - some even pre-date the dinasuars!!! I just can't bore you to death anymore, (nor myself and I'll never get this done)!
That's ME. A bit about my music. More specifically my songs are "me" and my influences I suppose. I play the guitar, (I'm proud of how good I[ve become lately too. That old "practice makes perfect" platitude is true.
possibly my biggest strength as a writer is my ability to custom write/comission songs. I;ve found that when I have a hook, a directive/direction, a theme, an idea, the song flows forth in easy direction, (as with song Little yellow buttefly" which I;ll explain directly). I find that those "jingly" or "required" songs are done, (100% satisfactorily)< within record time and they just "feel right":....know what I mean?!
The music, Iif you have time to listen - you must have thousands of these to listen to/read is recorded horribly and rather than give you a list of songs i'd like you to listen to It's probl'y easier to tell you ones not to bother with. 'they'd be heor from my youth, That's possibly it. see. It's not that it;s a bad song just recorded really badly. As with "unconditional". It's supposed to be a little like the stones' version of "under the board walkb' but something happened during recording and it sped up and got all boppy - also "broken up by you" is supposed to sound like a 50's 60's song - all 'she boppy" - but again something wnt wrong. I guess the moral of the story is use your imagination with the recordings and remember that they were, (seriously), done in my bathroom on a antiquated laptop between the sleep patterns, (ie NONE), of two tiny tots