Los Angeles, California, USA

Emma Joleen is a sensual fusion of Tori Amos, Regina Spektor and Evanescence. Her siren like voice sends shivers down your spin as her haunting melody floats across strident piano chords.


2012: Emma Joleen is an Australian singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

Emma Joleen's song "Hello and Goodbye" reaches #1 on the Australian Internet Radio Music Station Charts (Australia, March 2010).

Emma Joleen discovered her passion for songwriting when she lost her voice working as a professional classical/operatic singer. Being given the choice of surgery or complete vocal rest, Emma Joleen chose the vocal rest and communicated via the written word for a whole year. During this time, the music continued to sing on the piano where Emma Joleen wrote a number of songs which have since won national and international accolades.

Fortunately, Emma Joleen has recovered vocally and continues to sing and write songs. Vocally, Emma Joleen is a bit of Tori Amos, a touch of Dido and a hint of Kate Bush, where musically she transitions between Regina Spektor, Evanescence and Sara Bareilles. Visually, Emma Joleen is compared to Delta Goodrem and Reese Witherspoon, while her stage presence resembles the energy of Elton John, Billy Joel and Lara Fabian.

Emma Joleen brings a haunting yet memorable quality to her melodies, that is capable of sending pleasurable shivers down your spine.

Touring Nationally
Band of 4 musicians including Emma Joleen available to travel interstate and overseas.

2006 Australian Songwriter of the Year + Pop Award
2006 MusicOZ Top 50 Pop Artists
2006 Queensland Music Awards Finalist
2007 Unisong International Song Contest Winner - 3rd place pop/uptempo category
2007 'Supergirl' nominated for the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards
2007 Songwriter Universe contest runner up for 'Hello and Goodbye'
2007 'Dream of You' and 'Hello & Goodbye' final top 10 for the Open and Ballad categories of the 27th Australian Songwriting Contest
2007 'Supergirl' selected for the Acoustic Fuel's "Girl Power" compilation
2007 'Fading' selected for the Foghorn Records 'Sounds Like Cafe' compilation CD
2008 International UK SONGWRITING CONTEST: 12 songs in the semi-finals!
2008 International Clonmel Song Contest achieved Judges' Merit Award
2009 Touring Nationally
2010 "Billboard" Discoveries Album Review
2010 Pangean Orchestra, USA.
Exceptionally gifted Australian singer/songwriter Emma Joleen performed a multitude of roles in the premiere performance of the Pangean Orchestra. The concert was held in Symphony Hall where Emma Joleen sang and conducted original compositions. The Pangean world music orchestra is comprised of musicians playing ancient indigenous instruments from almost every culture in the world. This event was being documented by Hollywood film producers for a first time television broadcast. The series has been following the process of bringing diverse instruments and musicians together to play original music in a so called, "Immigrant Orchestra." Watch the trailer here: http://www.vimeo.com/10630449
2011 Series of Indie Music Videos produced in collaboration with RS Kagy for Emma Joleen's original songs.
2011 "Music Video Mash Up" Australian competition series starring Emma Joleen in the music video for her original song, "Dream of You."
2011 Co-production for music video of Emma Joleen's original song, "The Other Woman" with Bree Billington from Plan B Productions, Australia, due for release early 2012.
2012 Emma Joleen producing original songs in the USA.



Set List

Original Songs by Emma Joleen.
Band of 4 musicians including Emma Joleen available to travel interstate and overseas.

Cover songs available upon request.

2007 Original songs by Emma Joleen recorded at Bignote Productions, Gold Coast, Australia:
1) Fading
2) Dream of You
3) L.O.V.E Y.O.U
4) Hello and Goodbye
5) Scream In Pain
6) Supergirl
7) The Other Woman
8) Don't Fall In Love With Me
9) Won't Deny You
10) Just One Chance
11) Sound of Love

2006 Original Songs by Emma Joleen recorded at Chartsong Productions, Brisbane, Queensland:
1) Pussycat
2) Get Together
3) He's Cheatin' On You With Me