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Here is a 9-song collection of intimate, bare, personal, revealing, and acoustically tender emotional compositions that stop you. You stop, and realize that there is a time to listen - and then a time to stop and listen - a time to close your eyes and have real human communication with the musical vibrations that fill your immediate distracting universe with peace. The simplicity and profundity begin with the very first track, "Earth is Silence". The piano works a D# note dynamically while Ninel caresses the earth in her words with a melodic strength that ascends. Tough to compare her voice - but we hear nuances of Joni, Bjork, and Sinead - tremendous quality company to keep. Track 2, "In My Garden", is simple and pure as Ninel sings, 'in my garden all is peace'. She writes as a metaphor for a world without violence and light and joy and wonder for all to share and experience. And to that end, so does her music paint a picture that seems to transcend politics and socially-conscious lyrical content and musical aspirations. The world is where we perceive it - and forever in the past and forever in the future there will always be terror - yet, for a while, we can share a garden of peace. It makes sense that the CD would end with the folk-vocal sounding, "One Little Spark". The song describes the cycle of life and fire acapella. And then it's over. .and, if like us, you push track 1 again and know you've added more music to the soundtrack of your life.

- Don Kimner


When I first heard the music from Emma Ninel I was hooked and you will be too.
Her music will touch you like nothing you have ever heard before. - Mark McCoid

"CD Baby Reviewer"

What a soulful beautiful piece;in verse,voice and solo piano.Emma's created a healing deeply stirring debut album.I am amazed at it's originality and depth! I pray that she will create more.Thank You for a gift that resonates compassion !
- Amy Regan


UpstairsInsideBeyond - CD Released Dec 2004

"Hold Your Heart" (From UIB)
Feat. on "Violet Femmes Vol 1" Canada 2007

"Earth Is Silence" (From UIB)
Feat. on "Goa Chill Out Zone" India/Worldwide 2008

"Light In You" (From UIB)
Feat. on New Age Music & New Sounds Italy 2008




Music, words and sound are my call, an ever-burning flame, impossible to extinguish.

I grew up in the south of Denmark in ‘67, and I soon discovered my love and passion for sound and music.
It really began when I joined the Church Choir for 6 years. Already there at the age 9, I loved to experiment with my voice. At the age 12, I began to write songs together with a friend. We often played at the local Folk Club, and I really felt that this was my place to be; here I felt alive!
Years passed, and everyday were a step closer to a life filled with music.
In my teen-age years, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones had most influence on me. Especially: “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter”, and “Pirates”.
When I was 17, I went to a Folk High School and here I really understood that it had to be music. A special event at the school, revealed my power and charisma. I sang, “Imagine” and the audience went absolutely crazy! The whole room was filled with magic… this concert still stands as one of the strongest to me.
Many positive years with music began, and I succeeded in singing almost every style, from hard rock, to disco, but most of my singing was Jazz & Soul.
It all gave me an open-minded way of discovering music, and developed my ability to compose in different styles.
Between 1988-1992 I had a glorious time, - a creative time, singing lead and background vocals in many bands and projects. I also succeeded in obtaining a record-contract in DK.

In 1992 my life took a huge turnaround. I gave birth to my first child, and decided to make my living through my own songs. Until that day, I hadn’t composed that many songs, but after that decision they flew out of me, as If they too had waited to be born. The songs really stood in line to be manifested!
I took 10 years out of my life, to devote time to my two kids, and to learn whom I was in my musical performance, and song writing.
My first songs were much singer/songwriter like, and I really have some great materials written, and recorded on demos.
But right now, I have full focus on spreading the word and sound of UIB, and that's why
"Music In Silence" came up.
Music In Silence is made for the audience to experience music in a quite different way than they are used to. Music in silence wants you to be silent. So it had to be concerts with no applaud between the songs, I discovered. Applauding afterwards is very welcome!

The songs from the first *UIB Release is now about to go around the world. This year 2008 the song "She Will Carry You" is featured in a documentary-movie called "The Paralyzing Agent", and also in a documentary about an 18 year old girl with OGI (brittle bone disease). They are going to feature only my songs through out the whole documentary. (Violet Flame, She Will Carry You and In My Garden).
My next project is to do UIB 1, and maybe 2,3,4 because that’s where the music is reaching me. ‘Upstairs, Inside & Beyond’.

I’m very confident with my sound and personal style. So very humble and grateful for the musical gifts I’m born with.

* UpstairsInsideBeyond