Emma Rose

Emma Rose


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She Came Down

Written By: Lynne Rasbornik

I walked into the room
a little lonely and confused
bout the way that life was turnin

I saw ladies standin all around
smilin and laughin
no one looked as down as I was

Then someone invited me
to sit with them and have some coffee or some tea

so I did...and the musicians started playing.
the sound of the instruments were soft creating sillouettes of beauty

the ladies then raised their hands out of admiration not out of duty

the presence that I began to feel
overwhelmed me and I wanted to kneel down where I now stood.

next I cryed. alot and long
I thought I'd maybe drownd and
She saw me there standing alone

from the platform she came downand walked straight towards me

she came down from her higher place
her hand touched my wet face
her arms they held me close.
my tears on her shoulder fell
her silk blouse now stained as well
but she stood strong in my pain

when she came down I felt Him too He was there with Her I knew
His presence was seen through her

he came down into my pain
held me close he knew my name
and wispered..sweet emma rose..

I won't leave you all alone
I know which way your life will go
stay close just follow me

when the storm comes
when it gets dark
Ill show you treasure
you'll have it marked
and I I'll be the key

together we'll open up locked doors
it won't just rain..honey it will pour
but don't be afraid
you're safe with me.

I'm so glad I went alone
to church that day where women pray
because...later ..many days...

it rained hard..the big storm came
death knocked on doors and called my name but with his undeniable force Jesus came and unlocked those doors.

He came down and took my place
and kissed my tear stained face
He holds me close..every day

together treasure is what we find
he even can renew my mind and I know him better know...
since she came down........