emma's mine

emma's mine


epic, spacey, trippy, triumphant, boner rock.


emma’s mine was born in summer 2003. two e.p.’s were released. many shows were played. A couple member changes in fall 2004 and the mating process that spawned “sonora” began………………

emma’s mine first full length album, “sonora”, will be released on November 1, 2005. The album was recorded in studio 1117 in spring ’05. “sonora” showcases emma’s mine ability to cover a broad range of sounds and feelings. scott chaput’s immensely passionate voice ranges from a soothing croon (“Dear Amerlie“) to colossal outbursts (“Epileptic Daydreams“). the guitar work of bryce jones and andrew sellers brings to mind the romanticism and explosiveness of delay-crazy Texan post-rockers, explosions in the sky (as heard in “post.script.run!”). bryce also contributes sparse piano melodies throughout the album. david price provides driving, jazz influenced, technical drumming to complement the huge, rolling bass lines of patrick crough.

since the recording of “sonora”, emma’s mine has been expanding their sound in the live setting with the addition of new bassist, chris cossette, in summer 2005. a tour with ahimsa theory and the dellamortes followed. emma’s mine has shared the stage with other national acts such as Greenwheel, Upside, and The Sound and the Fury.


November 2005 - "sonora" LP
January 2004 - "music for the new year" EP
August 2003 - "E.P." EP

Set List

1 hour. All original.