Emma Tringali

Emma Tringali


The basis of folk with a smooth overtone of delicious blues and soul. Heartwarming, exhilarating, applicable to day to day living. Any type of venue, we make it as warm as your living room or as uncontrollably hectic as the job you want to leave. We make you itch. We make you love. You make us love.


It is like that one morning when you wake up and everything is clear or fuzzy or in-between or just downright underwhelming. We have ants burrowing in our feet. We can not stay still, but we do not waste time. It is almost as though we plug along with the natural pace of things, but we have an incredible desire to slow it down for everyone else, if we only get the right chances. It is like when a waitress knows your specific tea- surprising, but exact. This is our first and last myth to bank. There is nothing else. Keep moving. Keep loving.
As for the music, the voice is the Ella Fitzgerald and the guitar is the pearls around her neck. It is sly and groovy and sad and sweet and any type of raw emotion that occurs in basic living. Hypnotizing and unassuming. The stage is in constant rotation, as everyone keeps switching around, and our only goal is to make everyone start to crave genuine vibrations again. We are not a technological generation, a lost generation, or a cheapened generation, we just need to tune into the real things again.


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We could play for as long or short as needed or wanted. The songs vary from a Ray Charles cover to our own doo-wop tune. The majority of the songs are all hand written by our very own, everything original. Cover songs only exist when we love the song that much that we need to reinterpret it.