Emma Wall

Emma Wall

 Preston, Victoria, AUS

Emma Wall plays urban folk, blending story telling with innovative fearless guitar and seriously catchy melodies. Her live performance conveys ease, passion and professionalism. Emma guarantees your money back if you don't leave a show humming at least one of her tunes. No joke. Cash back guarantee.


Emma Wall is an artist that you will never forget. Her music is bursting with power and depth of emotion and she stuns audiences with incredible diversity, passion, sensitivity and a fresh approach to life and music.

Emma’s self-taught guitar style is dynamic and impressive. She laughs that 'without having been taught you simply can’t make mistakes', and this philosophy has enabled her powerful non-traditional playing style to thrive, giving you a string breaking, blister making, finger bleeding power house of musicality.

Emma’s lyrics are thought-provoking and intelligent and enable her to connect with her audiences, both live and through her recordings. Emma has determination to play directly from the soul, and her songs are heart-wrenching, with a connection that can bring tears to your eyes. A haunting, touching experience is guaranteed. However, she will always surprise you with her sense of humor and her irreverent view of life.

Emma has toured extensively, both in Australia and internationally. Her passion and dedication to music, women's issues and the world around her has led her to stage events of her own. Having dedicated the last 12 months to creating new music, growing veggies and working in the studio, Emma is back in full swing with both national and international tours scheduled for 2009.

Emma has an independent record label, ELF Records, and her debut EP was 'Shades of Grey’. Since then, she has followed with ‘Emma Wall Live’, ‘Sneak’ and ‘Took a Picture’ and a new album is due for release in 2009.

Throughout her career, Emma has been hailed by fans and critics alike for her unforgettable performances filled with powerful melodies and dynamic guitar work. Emma engages her audience with bursts of inspirational brilliance and a stage presence that combines easy-going simplicity and thought provoking content.

Emma continually explores the limits of both her voice and guitar.

Hearing Emma Wall play is like a first kiss, something that you don’t want to miss.


Sneak - 2001
Live - Recorded in Canada 2004
Took A Picture Made A Song - 2005
Here We Go (Single) - ICC Women's World Cup Theme Song 2009