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emmecosta @ Parken

Göteborg, None, Sweden

Göteborg, None, Sweden

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"Emmecosta pratique un rock aux structures alambiquées, une musique cérébrale qui garde pourtant une véritable spontanéité. A l’instar de groupes comme Radiohead, Muse ou Coldplay (j’ai bien conscience que le fait de mettre ces deux derniers groupes avec le précédent fera bondir les puristes…) ou du chanteur italien des années 70, Lucio Battisti (référence clairement revendiquée), on sent vibrer chez ces jeunes garçons l’amour des mélodies finement ciselées et le désir de sortir des sentiers battus. Pour simple exemple les circonvolutions, chargées de delay, du guitariste Alfonso Fusco qui feront tourner bien plus d’une tête. Vous l’aurez compris, Emmecosta fait partie de mes coups de cœur de cette édition." - Matthieu B. Michon - IN Sect.tv

"Day 2 and once again we tread on the mud as a result of the heavy rainpour. It is up to Emmecosta from Sweden to kick off the day. We can start by saying that they did a marvelous job. A well arranged set with sounds inspired by radiohead and sonic youth. A wonderful vocalist hitting high notes with ease and a dynamic drummer keeping time and blending off beats and great patterns around the kits. A lot of cymbal work and floor tom “pounding” made his presence the foundation of the songwriting. A tipically gorgeous Fender sound for the boys from Gothenburg blending guitars and “fat” bass, proved that they were not phased by the early timeslot and the rain. In the end, everybody showed approval and appreciation by screaming for more. A wonderful day to start day 2….Thank you for the sounds." - Emergenza Festival

"Emmecosta are an Italian/Swedish 4 piece who moved to Gothenburg in 2008, looking for a fresh start and a new audience, they have since acquired a member from these shores. Recent success in the Emergenza festival (they won the Scandinavian Finals) sees them through to an international final in Germany and the band get a chance to play Londons 02 arena at the end of the month as a guest at the Live and Unsigned final. All this suggests that the band are a good live act, perhaps not a surprise for a band who have actually been together since 2000.
This is the bands first album and is self financed and jointly self produced. The production is spot on throughout and some serious credit should go to the band and experienced producer Anders Lagerfors for production which would shame many more expensive efforts.
It is an assured set of songs, clearly carefully and painstakingly crafted. Not without ideas, the band never feel the need to outstay their welcome and the 10 songs come in at 35 minutes long. Early highlights such as Ghosts and theAnswer is in the onion set a good benchmark, the latter is an excellent track and must surely be a live favourite. We’ll always be here is another delight with its Flaming Lips esque verse and soaring chorus. Its an album not without a surprise or two such as the catchy Strokes-like chorus on the final track Chop my head off, but the album never sounds disjointed. Overall it is a confident set of songs and there is more than enough here to warrant further investigation. It is perhaps missing that absolute killer track, although this would be harsh criticism of a band who have produced an impressive debut." - In My Kitchen's Blog


Still working on that hot first release.



Emmecosta is a pop/alternative/rock band formed in Positano (Italy), and is currently residing in Gothenburg (Sweden). The band is composed of Claudio Pallone (vocals, guitar), Carlo Prisco (drums), Alfonso Fusco (lead guitar) and Stefan Olsson (bass)

After years in the rehearsal room and a few public performances, the band releases its first demo in 2006. This demo will bring the band to a summer tour between Amalfi Coast and Sicily.

In fact, it doesn’t take long before emmecosta, thanks to its intense live activity, is approached by an independent label that distributes the band's two singles on many Italian radio stations and world-wide digital stores. The same label then takes the band on a summer tour in southern Italy promoting them as an artist opening for big names in Italian music.
In 2007 emmecosta presents their single "Atmosfera" on the late evening tv show "Max Stile Libero" on national Italian channel, where they were invited as "band excluded from Sanremo (the most important festival for Italian music)."

Afterwards, emmecosta decides to self produce two video clips, and within a short time earns 1st and 2nd place in the "music category" on another Italian TV show called "Talent Uno"
As time passes, emmecosta, despite the restrictions imposed by their music label ( their producer brings them to have to show in only playback), they are gradually able to broadcast their music and release interviews on national radios... At this time, the need for work and survival forces the band to take a long pause.

During this long break, the band begins to feel the need for something else, something truly different, perhaps especially because of the impossibility of having a lot of good live activity, the band thinks they need to leave Italy. After a lot of research and inspection of some European cities, emmecosta decides to start from scratch in another country, with a new audience... Gothenburg, Sweden, is a city renowned for its music scene and proves to be a good move for the band.

After finding an apartment, and with a little cash left, the band ships all their equipment and emmecosta arrives in Gothenburg in November 2008.
A few days after their arrival in Sweden, November 25, to be exact, they play in Stockholm, introducing new songs and a completely new sound.

Although time seems to pass slowly, and despite many difficulties, mainly economic, the boys begin to get gigs, and become known around for the "magic" that evolves during their live shows. Their lyrics and sounds are primarily inspired by the emotions felt during their adventures and journey as a band. This new sound was developed with a lot of research and long sessions in the rehearsal room.

During the spring/summer of 2010, emmecosta participates at "Emergenza Festivalen" and after passing the early stages, is rewarded by audiences, artists in the race and jury, as the "Best" unsigned band in the city of Gothenburg, the second best unsigned band from Sweden and fourth in all of Scandinavia. 

In September 2010, emmecosta records a cover of Erik Hassle, Taken (Still In My Blood) and through a vote on Youtube and a live show at Pustervik (Gothenburg), they receive the opportunity to open two shows for Hassle himself, both in Gothenburg and Gislaved. 
In autumn 2010 emmecosta participates in the "Tour Music Fest" (Italian competition for unsigned bands) and wins the award for "Band of the Year" 2010, established by a jury of artists and producers, led by Mogol (one of the most important songwriters in the last 30 years in Italian music scene history). 
Recently we recorded an album in Nacksving Studio, Gothenburg.
We are looking for a record lable that wants to work with us and gigs.