EMMURE Brings Unique but familiar brutality music today. We pride ourselves in the fact of being real and having fun. Life ending breakdowns and catchy memorable vocal arrangements sets us apart from the rest. Expect a big dent in Heavy music history with our Debut release from Victory records soon.


Emmure is a band that was destined to come together. The founding members
met through the Internet, then commuted hours at a time to rehearse, write
their music and settle on a lineup, doing all this with one goal in mind:
“We’re looking to be the heaviest, most emotionally moving band out there,”
declared guitarist Jesse Ketive. Their efforts have paid off in a deal with
Victory Records and a debut album, set to be released early next year,
determined to destroy any and all limitations to what’s known as hardcore

It all started with Queens, NY, singer Frank Palmeri. “I was personally in
nine different bands before I turned 16,” he says. “I was looking for
musicians to play with-and this was before MySpace and PureVolume became
popular. In April of 2003, I found a musician’s message board, where I first
got in contact with Joe (Lionetti), who played drums. We would trade mp3s of
our songs back and forth until it became obvious we should start a band.”

There was one slight problem: Palmeri lived in Queens, while Lionetti lived
in New Fairfield, CT, along with his brother Ben, who played guitar. “Either
they would come down or I would go there,” he says. “I took the train to
Connecticut every week for a year. I spent a lot of cash on the commute, but
it ended up being totally worth it. Soon thereafter, [guitarist] Jesse
Ketive and [bassist] Mark Davis joined the band, and there was nowhere to go
but up from there.

“There was definitely a change in the music when those two came on,” Palmeri
notes. “At first we were more of a heavy rock band. When Jesse joined the
band, he brought a new writing style to the table, which got even heavier,
but with more mosh into the music that molded our sound to what it is now.”

“We really enjoy writing the heaviest music possible and playing it to
others, yet at the same time this band is very friendly and approachable,”
Ketive says. “The thing that sets us apart is our finesse…in the way we care
about the music , and the way we come across to people. I want our
fans to have a true sense of who we are, so when we go up onstage, we’re
having a lot of fun playing the hardest music we can, so people can enjoy
it, too.”

With the lineup solidified, Emmure started playing out… a lot… and cut
a few demos and an EP to ensure that their brute sonic force transferred
to CDs. “We pride ourselves on creating very genuine music,” Ketive
declares. “We always made music that way and we always will. The only
difference now is what we do will be done on a larger scale. How we make our
music won’t change. We’re not going to snap our fingers and become this
totally different band.”

“We’re definitely excited about the new songs,” Palmeri adds. “This type of
music got us where we are today; it’s what people are comfortable with and
that’s what we love to play. We’re just going to stay honest to the music,
and that means it’s going to stay heavy and brutal.”

Their music is already getting across in a very big way.
Yet what makes EMMURE such a special band is that they present themselves
and their music as who they really are:.”


The complete Guide To Needlework (2006)- 6 song EP

Set List

The EMMURE set list is the Intro track anf 4 to 5 other songs. some old and new. Our sets are 18-28 min long now.