Middle eastern scales and rhythms mixed with an eclectic stomp of high energy rock-n-roll.


I was tripping on acid and I fell into a thick mud. The mud was black and the sky was gold, and I began walking through the mud with a slow, heavy groove. I started screaming when a tribe of nomads crawled out from a volcanic cave. They were dressed in dripping, liquid fire and they spoke in fragmented rhythmic echoes. They joined me in my journey through the heavy mud.

It wasn't long before he sky opened up and thunder began to bang our heads. It felt really good. I drank lightning from a cracked bowl made from shards of bone. I passed the bowl around as the electricity peaked, creating a jagged volcano. I was tossed and broken. Metallic bones hammered through the torrential wind, leaving the sky with a platinum stain. My trip was over. As I stood bleeding in a field surrounded by twilight, I stared at the sky. I felt refreshed and beautiful. With a clear head, I discovered myself sitting in front of the stereo, the new Emok CD fading.

-- Phil Bianco/Art Revolution Culture #2, June 2005


"Shove Your Head into the Ground and Feed It to the Earth" / Wrong Records 2005

"CRUMBS" EP / Spaff 2003

"New Sounds New York" Compilation (NSNY 2000)

Set List

Set is usually 45 minutes and has 7-10 songs