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Poison Tongu- July 7,2004
The Game
Christine Remix
519 District
Slow Jams
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Man, where do I begin?!??!, shit, I was born in Nicaragua December 7 of '81. Came to Canada in 1988, attended school, english was a bitch to learn. Fell in love with hip hop with tracks like "Banned In The USA", "Fuck Tha Police", "Str8 Outta Compton" and "Fuck Martinez", in Nicaragua you weren't all that exposed to hip hop....fuck it, you weren't exposed at all to it, I was like 8 or so anyways, then I got deeper into listenin' to it, pretty soon, it replaced homework on my desk, fell asleep to hip hop day in and day out in day out, all my friends had the latest CD and we all had to wait our turns to borrow the CD, or "Original" tape. So all my music from 1989 to about 1995 is all on dubbed cassette ha ha. I listened to shit like OGC, Naughty By Nature, DJ Quik, Xzibit, Wu Tang, Bone Thugs, 2pac, Shyheim, Dream Warriors, Black Moon, Warren G so basically I got a whole mix of shit to be influenced by, east and west. It wasn't until poetry class in 1996 (Grade 10) that we all had to write a poem....mine was about war, and I fuckin' flipped at what I had wrote, I wish I still had it, I then just kept pads and pretty soon, a binder followed full of lyrics, my whole goal was to try and outdo other rappers and not to rhyme all those commonly used words, so all I did was write but never once thought I'd ever spit a real rap, until 2 of my boys were experimenting during class, and asked if I had ever tried to write or spit, I told them "uh yeah I'm just starting to write but I've never really spit a rap before", so it was on from there, one of them "Shinobi" used to make beats and we'd go to his house like once a week and do tracks, I hooked up with Optic thru them, at the time Optic used to go by "Sonar" and I used to think this was illest muthafucka I had ever heard live, and He told me, yo' you gotta hear my boy "Carnage" now known as "Grime", I had met Grime before anyways, he was in a marketing class I had for like 2 days, so at lunchtime it would be "Carnage", "Kraze8", "Shinobi", "Novacain" (who had no alias that I can remember), "Sonar" and me (the quietest one at the circle cuz I never thought my skills were up to par anyway) we all knew Buck pretty well too, he was always there but never rhymed, he had other shit in his mind, and we'd all sworn we'd own record labels n shit, "Sit On It Records", "Ghetto Bastard Records" and reppin' the infamous "SMC" ha ha, I also remember Grime showin' me a tape he and his "Boy" had recorded wit' like a fisher price mic, and I didn't believe it was him....little did I know it would turn out to be Raw Topic....fate gotta funny way of comin' back at ya....who would've known....apparently Novacain Buck had told Grime they'd put him on later on....I wasn't really in the picture cuz I was just in school with my girl and once in a while I'd write and spit once a week. And in late 1999 while Novacain & Buckalicious were out of school I got a call to help set up a website to include pictures and flyers cuz they were gonna throw jams and shit, and maybe they'd include some local hip hop cuz Novacain rhymed, so I made the site, and in one of those times we talked I brought it up to them that I thought my skills were up to par to rhyme with them, so I hooked up with Novacain & Buckalicious and a little computer program named hip hop Ejay ha ha ha, so from there it was on, a 3 man team for about 2-3 weeks, and I told Buck I would only do the music thing and the website help, and ONCE in a while if could, I'd help with the jams, so the year 2000 rolls around the corner and I had gone to Nicaragua to visit my family and had a lot of time to think, so as soon as I was back, it was on!!!!, we had only recorded about 4 complete tracks and a shitload of freestyles, I finished high school and by the year 2000 was over we knew we had to bring Grime in.....let it be said GRIME is a FUCKIN SOLDIER!!! has had faith and devotion since early 2001, we recorded Penetraitor Inc Presents Mix Tape Vol 1, with help from all muthafuckaz around London.....I was on 5 tracks on that CD and mixed & Arranged about half of it......and as soon as it was done....it was straight into Grimes Solo "Decomposition" which I Mixed & Arranged all 17 tracks except 1 which Cussion did. During a session recording "Filthy As Fuck" and "Dead Man Walking" we were introduced to Libra and Sweet Thug, 4 months later we released "Mad Stylz" which took about 4 weeks to make and STILL gets a good review on Scene Magazine!!!, ....for real there's no rest in me, to much at stake and most of rests on my shoulders, right now is when I'm hungriest, I'm grateful for all the feedback i've received over the years, and the love everyone's shown me, it's amazing, all I gotta say is ANALYZE every WORD of EVERY E-Mortal verse.....i've been writing since 96 and ask around i ain't no dummy....you have Yet to see the best of me.....you'll see.