emperor city motorcade

emperor city motorcade


A New York band that are genuinely worth a listen. That's if you're interested in a rising band with an abundance of musical and compositional depth that's propelling them towards main domestic and international market success.


New York: Alex Curran, vocals, and Vincent Capolupo, Keys, along with guitarist Jonathan Pointer, bassist Tom Guinan and drummer John Melissinos, bring their signature blend of melodic, dynamic, atmospheric, modern rock straight to the edge with Emperor City Motorcade.

The band’s “optimal line up” fuses the incredible talents of five individual artists, to create a sound that lives up to the depth and scope of its name. After a year of rehearsing and work in the studio, the band is pleased to release a new collection of songs as exhilarating and memorable as their live stage performances.

Available on iTunes and eMusic.com, Emperor City Motorcade-- the band’s debut CD-- captures a wide range of musical textures, stunning instrumentals and soulful lyrics that creates a listening experience unlike any other. It's good stuff.

Songwriting has always been the primary focus of this prolific rock band. Evidence of this can be found in the praises of (Grammy award winning producer) Andy Johns recognized for his work with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Van Halen. Andy can be quoted as saying “The bands songwriting has a maturity usually only seen in legendary bands after their 3rd or 4th album”. Other notable collaborators include Jay Messina, known for his work with classic Aerosmith, Kiss, Miles Davis, John Lennon.

Emperor City Motorcade’s music has been featured and commented about on FOX 5 N.Y. morning news and Q-104.3’s Ground Zero show. They have performed live on 101.9 WRXP w/ matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram and proudly contributed four original songs to be featured in the upcoming independent film Rex (scored by keyboardist Vincent Capolupo).

Management/Press: Holly Garman, HMG Associates mhsgarman@earthlink.net


Emperor City Motorcade

Radio play - Welcome, Ordinary Day, Texas Love
Streaming - Papercut Suicide, The Set UP, Mary Jane

Set List

Sets: 40 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. No covers. All original, varying styles of sets with diferent dynamic arcs/paths. Songs drawn from Emperor City Motorcade, the album, work in pre-production, and work not yet recorded but structures and arrangements complete.