Emperor Stan

Emperor Stan


Emperor Stan is the progressive rock that has been hiding in the shadow's since the the death of the genre. Four young, classically trained musicians ,with an affinity for bands such as Yes, King Crimson, ELP, are breathing life back into progressive rock.


The Emperor known only as Stan is the product of a junior high dream that has finally come to fruition. After many name and lineup changes, Emperor Stan came into existance during the summer or 2005. The name alone evokes the calibre of the music, being both fit for royalty as well as those of the Stan persuasion.

As an island of complexity in a sea of simplistic music, Emperor Stan provides catchy songs in the guise of more complex works. With an affinity for complex chords, time changes, and blistering solos, the band draws in both those with a taste for prog as well as anyone with an ear for a good tune.

Emperor Stan has been repeatedly referred to as "face melting" in a live setting. Harmonized keyboard and guitar melodies are a hallmark of the band, and they make powerful impression when performed live. These coupled with extended solos should leave no question in anyone's mind about the level of musicianship achieved by these young players.


The Knights From Outer Space EP : Available to stream from http://www.last.fm/music/emperor+stan

Set List

Jesus at El Mezcal (An Introduction)
Friday Night
(In The) Shadow of My Ecstasy
Strange New Day
The Knights From Outer Space
Shifting Designs
A Major (untitled 17 minute song)

Sets anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour an 30 minutes are feasible.