Emperor X

Emperor X


Muppets performing symphonies for voice, guitar and duct tape; scruffy-but-cuddly heartfelt postfolk diatribes; electrotribal skronk and shout anthems; constructive chaos, anarchic optimism


Matheny's music ranges from skronk-and shout anthems about rapid transit to frazzled club mix epics about the health risks of radiation-spewing comptuer monitors at temp jobs to downcast, echoey stomp-and-dirge postfolk diatribes about hating physics grad school classmates. Chad is a little reticent to mention his overwhelmingly positive reception in music magazines and online journals across the coutnry like The Onion and Pitchfork. And what unassuming former science teacher wouldn't be when the articles often include comparisons to the luminaries like Prince, The Flaming Lips, and Elliott Smith?

Touring the country relentlessly for the past three years, Emperor X has opened for the likes of John Vanderslice, Magnolia Electric Co., Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and Make-Believe, and earned a reputation for putting on a frantic, spastic blur of a concert any time he gets a chance. The music project delivers awkwardly gorgeous sets whether it's just Chad touring by himself with a guitar, keyboard, and four-track on his back, or the full five-piece Emperor X line-up (sometimes including brass and woodwinds!)

Emperor X can make us cheer, cringe, or cry,
but he couldn't bore us if he tried.



Written By: Chad R. Matheny

Strange breed, rangefinder.
I'm comatose.
Trust, doubt, breakaway.
We were never close.
Jump around town.
It's the blinking of the eyelet
in the middle of the afternoon.
Phase burst from the screen-
a radiation dose.

I'm tired, and all tired faces get fired for how long the race is.
The race is long.
Long withou'r home.
I want to get home.

Rad, rem, rand- pinpricks on a data sea.
Ruptured nucleotide, broken ladder, drunk apostasy.
A brother got killed. An apostle got killed.
And the droners working patiently.
CRT spits a shard, strikes a blow against eternity.

I'm tired, and all tired faces get fired for how long the race is.
The race is long.
Long withou'r home.
I want to get home

Addison Aceh

Written By: Chad R. Matheny

Huntington is too far from town.
Daddy got a light on his car, and he headed down from his aparment where he lives like a single man in the throes of his own throat cancer, and that holy dome overshadowed his own.

Addison Road is reached by underground. Brother got a job down in Aceh province down in the capitol town playing gamelan, making out with the belles and the dancers.

In my shed I keep a dozen or so vials of lead, and in the phosphorous glow I light your bed, and the plastics I make all day long melt our arms together.

In my shed I keep a thousand or so wires andd threads, and lord I tangle them so together. Together.


Written By: Chad R. Matheny

Did you ever get help?

By far and away she's more ingenious.
She's inferior.
The dense medium's mine, the light one is hers.
She's bending rays to the interior.
Did you ever get help with the problems or exercise?

Did you ever get sad on your bed late at night, crying, listening to Either/Or?
Did you ever make out on the capitol steps with an AK-47-holding Marxist girl? Did you ever get help with the problems?
No- you never can admit it.
That's fine.
I'm going home to fail.

Did you ever get help, Argentina?
Did you ever get help, Czechoslovakia?
Did you ever get help?
By far and away, you are ingenious. You’re inferior.
Did you ever get help?
By far and away, I am inventive. I'm inferior.


Dirt Dealership (7" CD-EP, 2006, Discos Mariscos)
- "Island Long Dirt Dealership" circulates widely in music blogs and file sharing communities
- "Addison Aceh" circulates widely in music blogs and file sharing communities

Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes (CD, 2005, Discos Mariscos)
- album peaked in the 70's on CMJ's college radio chart, and debuted as #11 most-added in its release week.
- "Right to the Rails" and "Sfearion" get thousands of downloads every month from the band's self-maintained website

Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform (CD, 2004, Snowglobe Records)

The Joytakers' Rakes/Stars on the Ceiling, Pleasantly Kneeling (LP, 1998, Discos Mariscos)

Set List

10-15 short songs, 30-60 minute set; all original compositions, mostly from the above-named albums