Emphatic can best be described as a progressive rock band with songs containing a unique style that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Over the last few years, Emphatic has created a following in they're area by winning competitions, recording albums, and getting radio play.


Emphatic was founded in 2002 and immediately began building a fan base by playing shows in their local area. In the winter of 2003 they began work on an album that was independently released in 2004. CD sales raised enough money to book private shows at venues such as the Whitby Courthouse theatre where Emphatic headlined for over 150 fans. As well as putting on their own shows, the band entered and won local song writing competitions such as Oshawa Local and Loud which won them a $17,000 recording package with Welcraft studios as well as the attention of local radio stations and newspapers. After playing gigs across the GTA at venues like The Reverb and The El Mucambo, and The Dungeon, Emphatic has taken a six month break to work on perfecting new material for future recordings. Devoting a minimum of 20 hours a week to practice, the band has created an intense set list that makes for a powerful live show.


Emphatic ep-recoded march 2004
currently in process of recording 2nd album
songs have recieved air-play on 94.9 the rock fm radio station.

Set List

Emphatic has a large set list of all original material but have covered numerous bands from The Deftones, to Muse and Stone Temple Pilots. Show set lists range anywhere from 10-25 songs.