Santa Monica, California, USA


Empire is 5 vocalists, 3 Canadians, 2 classical musicians, 2 Americans, and 1 Englishman. We started in Church basements, singing British football songs at parties, and playing for food. It was left alone for a number of years while we independently toured Canada, the US, Asia and Europe in other incarnations, both popular and classical. All it took was for everyone to move from their homes to Los Angeles to start making music together as a focused unit. The ethos of the group, not just musically, is in the name. Our daily lives are so connected that if one succeeds, we all reap the rewards - if we fail, we only fail as a group. The individual is lost for the greater good - we share songwriting, we encourage varying musical influences, from Britpop to Chopin to Queen, and we create epic pop music that is shameless and, at times, grandiose.


We have a forthcoming EP called Shake It Off. It will be our first release.