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"Toledo Blade Battle of the Bands Winners!"

Empire Drift throws a party every time they step on stage. Winners of the 2008 Regional Superstar Competition, co-winners of Toledo Music Review's "Rock Review" and featured band on the debut episode of Toledo Idol, Empire Drift takes co-winner honors in The Toledo Blade Battle of the Bands. The group rocks audiences with original works and can roll through over 100 covers spanning five decades. - The Toledo Blade

"Empire Drift - Toledo's Musical Emperor: The local music scene wouldn't be the same without them."

A Toledoan cannot watch TV, listen to the radio, open up the Toledo City Paper, or glance at banners that proudly hang from local drinkeries without encountering even a tiny semblance of the band known as Empire Drift, and rightly so. The four young men that make up the music group take their business very seriously and are proud of the sound they have created, promoting it all around town in every imaginable way, including flinging copies of their debut album "Reality is Genius" into any open hand available.

"Reality is Genius" displays the group's dynamic music-writing ability, led by the sweet, harmonious vocals of singer/guitarist Dave Pfenning. Dave will "have you" at the first note, weaving affectionate tales of loves lost and loves soon-to-be acquired. Reminiscent of Dave Matthews Band with a hint of Sublime-like reggae upbeats, the album also showcases the flair of Empire Drift's lead guitarist Rick Shugarman. Rick will rock your face with crazy, god-like riffs when you least expect it, and you will be more than okay with it. Bassist (and Dave's twin brother) Mike Pfenning and drummer Allen Spencer complete the handsome quad and refine the force that is to be reckoned with.

For a free copy of "Reality is Genius" send an e-mail with your name and address to Rick@EmpireDrift.com, or pick up a copy at one of their shows. For more info, www.myspace.com/empiredrift. - EK - The Toledo City Paper


"Reality Is Genius" Track List:

1) A Song For Suzy
2) Memory Lane
3) Toast, Eggs, Milk and Coffee
4) 4th of July
5) An American Tragedy
6) A Hard Day's Dream
7) Cars Crashing
8) Intro to...
9) Hate Me, Blame Me, Forgive Me
10) Ten Years
11) Side By Side
12) Not Quite, Yoko



Performing original and cover shows...

If you’d like a FREE copy of our debut CD, email your mailing address to FreeCD@EmpireDrift.com

Empire Drift does just that - we drift. Our music drifts from high-energy, in-your-face rock to soft, heart-warming acoustic music to hip-hop and everything in between. When people are asked what kind of music they like, the most common response is "Everything!" Our response is the same and so our mission is to be a band, not of one sound, but many.

One way we accomplish this is by bringing a wide range of instrumentation to the studio and the stage. Beyond all the regular stuff like drums, bass, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, lots of pedals and effects, we also feature the accordion as well as hand-percussion (djembe), and beat-boxing. The texture of our sound is constantly drifting from song to song.

We also have twins in the band, Dave and Mike Pfenning were born minutes apart and that connection is felt by audiences everytime we step on stage.

Not only do we have two albums worth of original music but we also know over 100 covers. In the spirit of drifting, we are the only band in the world that can perform a POWER HOUR - this is where we play 60 songs in 60 minutes - 1 minute per song - Everything from Queen, to The Killers, to Pink Floyd, Sublime, Michael Jackson, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, CCR, the Temptations, Rage Against the Machine, Snoop & Dre, Nirvana, R.E.M., Billy Idol - the list goes on and on - yes the POWER HOUR is the ultimate DRIFT.

Rarely do we perform the POWER HOUR in its entirety, typically we blend full-length covers and originals with sections of the power to keep audiences on their toes and the pace of the show constantly changing.

In 2008 we won our hometown's two biggest competitions. The Toledo Blade Battle of the Bands started with over 110 bands; we emerged victorious. We also won the 2008 Regional Superstar Competition winning a $10,000 studio contract to record our next album.

Hire us or come to a show, either way become a part of our friends, fans, and family, or as we call them, "Drifters!"

For College and University Bookings Contact:
Elite Entertainment Agency, LLC
Phone: 419-490-6789
E-mail: booking@eliteentertainmentagency.com
Website: www.eliteentertainmentagency.com

For All Other Bookings Contact:
Empire Drift Records, LLC
Phone: 419-392-2072
E-Mail: booking@empiredrift.com
Website: www.empiredrift.com