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"Empire Escorts: Conquering The Northeast"

New Jersey locals Empire Escorts will be traveling across the Northeast for their debut tour. - Roz Smith

"Blues Rock Review"

This band has an undeniable passion and energy that is contagious. - Steph Heath

"Blues Rock Review"

This band will tick all of the boxes for you if you like raw rock at its best. Each track has a strong, dramatic, rebellious energy, which the listener can relate to, due to the pure unrestrained feel of an exposed live performance. - Steph Heath

"Jon Leidersdorff"

Empire Escorts is a real rock band in a lost music world. - Jon Leidersdorff

"Blues Rock Review"

There is nothing better than blues influenced heavy rock including; catchy guitar riffs with bass hooks, southern guitar themes and slides, driving drum beats and powerful melodic vocals. Empire Escorts represent all that is great about the rock genre. - Steph Heath

"WRAT 95.9 The Rat"

"I see so many bands now a days, loving each and everyone of them, but Empire Escorts are in a league of their own." - Maria Mar

"WRAT 95.9 The Rat"

"Each and every time I have caught them on the road, their energy and stage presence gets stronger and tighter." - Maria Mar


Self-titled EP, December, 2011.

Singles, "The Weather", "Escape the Fire"...



Empire Escorts has been a powerhouse on the Jersey Shore forefront for over 3 years now. They formed in late 2009, playing shows and formulating a unique sound that maintained the integrity of meaningful, real rock music. Empire Escorts is a combination of hard-hitting grooves and captivating song writing/musicianship, accompanied by powerful vocals and aspirations to create the NEW. Through powerful high-energy live performances, the band built a large expanding fan base that now stretches through several neighboring states. Empire Escorts is composed of four members: Joe Mccaig, Tim Spaulding, Cameron Lockwood and Tucker Williams.

In just a short time, Empire Escorts has toured regionally and obtained spotlights in several magazines including: Performer Magazine, Aquarian Magazine, Rock on Request magazine and others. They’ve opened up for big acts like Seether, received airplay on New Jersey’s most prestigious rock station The Wrat and currently hold regular rotation on countless college radio stations. The band recorded their first self-titled EP in 2011 at Lakehouse Music with producer Jon Leidersdorff. Since then, they’ve released powerful new singles like “The Weather” and “Escape the Fire”, which capture the raw sense of confidence behind good song writing and musical knowledge in the face of a saturated market. The release of their new single “The Weather” was accompanied by a brilliantly polished music video directed by Dave Allen which depicts the inner workings of singer Joe Mccaig’s lyrical context while displaying popular New Jersey sites, some of which were washed away after the destructive wake of hurricane Sandy.

Empire Escorts have received recognition by Harrison Promotions and Management and Ogden Clothing and were recently scouted by the co-founder of Starland Ballroom and currently the owner of Concerts East, Tony Pallagrosi. The band was awarded several nominations in The Asbury Music Awards for four separate categories including: Best Hard Rock Band, Best Live Performance, Best Drummer and Best Guitarist. In order to keep up with their growing fan base, they have remained attentive to constant song writing and on-the-road performances.