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"Empire Nation - Closer"

Empire Nation are a band who have grown into their own skin. It's been great seeing these guys getting bigger and better since their debut release Airtight. That was an album we loved here at LTTM, saying at the time "Empire Nation are a solid, creative band that you have to check out ASAP! If I was asked by a friend to name some great Christian British independent bands, Empire Nation would have to be one of the first names on the list."

But now the band has morphed into more than just a small independent band, they have grown and become a very decent outfit, who sound pro and look the part as well.

Closer is the title of the second studio album from these four lads. The ten-track album was produced by Andy Baker of Resound Media and is an album that will indeed take this band to an even bigger audience. Why? Well, because it feels fuller and the songs are crafted to be even catchier. They have matured into a band who are truly happy with what they are doing.

The opening track, which is indeed the title track, beings with its haunting atmospheric sounds with the lines "You are closer to me now, I can feel you in the sound. Of Heaven breaking out". Spine tingling stuff that gives you space to remember who God really is. It takes a while but suddenly this song bursts into life, with the band singing "You sing songs over me, you sing songs over me". By now everybody in the band is playing their heart out, giving their all in this song. In a way it's not the normal start to an album. The song takes it's time to draw people in, no big in your face music to start the album off, the band leave that up to next track Fire Fall Down.

Fire Fall Down was indeed the single of the album, and is one of the band's finest tracks to date. With soaring rock guitars and strong beats, showcasing the unmistakable talent that Empire Nation are. I bet after listening to this song for a while you will be singing along "Fire burn out, fire burn out here we go". For me this song sound a bit like Delirious' 'God In Heaven'.

Third track Starlight is a solid uptempo number, with great drums and a simple yet stunningly ear-piercing guitar riff in the middle. Now we move onto my favorite track, 'You're Not Alone', which was the second single off the album. What a stroke of quality from the band, getting in the most talented British female singer out there at the moment, Philippa Hanna (LTTM Awards Best British Artist 2011). This song is an elegant pop rock, cool number, but it's the melodies of both singers in this song that make it standout. The way Ed Bird sings the line "Cause I've been thinking about you, longing to hold you. Give me the chance to show you I'm there.", is pure beauty. I also love the chorus lines of "You can cut me down, you can shut me out, you can throw me to the flames, but when all is said and done, I'll never change". When Ed and Philippa sing the chorus together, you can't help but fall in love with the song.

The track Revolution does what it says on the tin, it's a song about being a solider in God's army, with the lines "Sing it for the King, sing it for the King, It's the revolution", this solid rock song is the perfect way to finish the first half of the album. Carry You To Ground opens with a high intensity guitar feed-backing. With a chorus of "We won't sit still, as your world's crumbling down, because my heart grieves, when your heart bleeds". This is a song that is a cry out, and hopefully will inspire you to try and change the world for the better.

The album easily flows into a more worshipful song in My Soul Was Chosen. Lyrically it is about the cross, being chosen by God and what Jesus did for us. A lovely atmospheric number, with some great piano and synth work. Next, on Shine, the high energy guitar work and drums kick back in, before the album ends with some very different tracks.

You Are The River is what Empire Nation do best, fast paced guitars and lyrics that ask God to "Send your rain, r - Louder than the Music


Underground EP
Airtight (Debut Album)
Closer (Album)

Fire Fall Down (Single)
You're Not Alone feat. Philippa Hanna (Single)
Starlight (Single out summer 2012)



Empire Nation launched in 2010 and are made up of four friends - Ed, Sam, Sam and Sam (no, it’s not a typo – they really are all called Sam). Their sound and style is classically British; high-energy, solid rock-worship.

Empire Nation bring a sense of humour and humility to whatever they do, living to serve others through their music and ministry. They are a project band that turn their love of God and music into a mission platform. As well as being keen song-writers and performers, they write for a few magazines, run their own blog and partner with a number of charities on projects.