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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Indie





Now THAT'S how you write a rock'n'roll chorus! - Dom Alessio, TripleJ

"Single Review: EMPRA - Rebecca"

Showcasing new drummer Georgia’s relentless rhythms, and combining their two biggest loves – riff-heavy rock n’ roll, and melodic pop that you can’t help but dance to – Rebecca is the latest instalment in their canon, and it’s a beaut track that’ll gives you only one dilemna: move your feet or shake your head? - 100% Rock

"EMPRA are your answer for playful rock'n'roll"

EMPRA muster up a good time with Rebecca

Not many rock bands strive for that towering arena filling sound early in their career. Unperturbed ambitious alt-rock trio EMPRA continue to turn things up to 11 with new single Rebecca.

After the tragic passing of bandmate Wayne Thunder in 2007 vocalist and guitarist Sanny Veloo wound up Singapore outfit Boredphucks and relocated to Melbourne with renewed purpose and aspirations to bring his own brand of uplifting rock music to the world.

Aggressive and uplifting, EMPRA bring plenty of charisma to their latest single Rebecca, the power trio imbued with classic rock style.
Since the group’s inception in 2011 EMPRA have toured prolifically building a following not only in Australia but also South East Asia and the United States. In 2013 the group met with international acclaim after taking out first place in music industry juggernaut Live Nation’s international battle of the band’s style competition the In House Artist Project in 2013.

With the assistance of bassist Matt Agius and drummer Georgia Flipo EMPRA’s current line-up combines the influence of alt-rock legends the Foo Fighters with the hard hitting rock crunch of Royal Blood for latest single Rebecca.
Driven by a chunky bassline, crashing guitar licks, playful drumming pattern and melodic call and response vocals, Rebecca’s narrative lyric tells the tale of an unrequited love on the dance floor at Melbourne’s iconic rock haven Cherry Bar. Veloo’s proclivity for writing a slick rock track has often been praised and cannot be faulted here.

There is always a certain playful character which underpins EMPRA’s signature sound, evident here in Veloo’s vocals carrying out a one man rock opera pantomime where he plays both the part of an aggressive narrator and lovelorn protagonist.

While cynics might view lyrcis like “Making out at the back of the club / with a connection we forged over rock ‘n’ roll” as being a bit on the nose, there is a certain throwback to the playful simplicity and spirited rock of classic rock tracks of acts like Kiss, Poison or Cheap Trick. Raw and simple Rebecca might not provide us any deeply introspective insights, but can’t be faulted for inviting the listener to throw their hair back, dance, sing along and have a good time.
With their latest single EMPRA continue to make their mark on the rock world and lay down warm uplifting arena rock. For those looking to catch the band before they embark on another round of international touring the power trio will be launching their new single at Melbourne’s Revolver on September 19th. - HHHHappy

"Empra - Rebecca Single Launch at Revolver Night Club"

Empra is a band who`s music invokes a sense of joy in me. To these old ears at least there is an air of optimism and celebration in the music they make. Maybe I`m way off the mark, but that’s what I hear and that’s the message that resounds most for me listening to the band’s music.

``I Won`t Give Up``, a track from the band`s debut album (not played on this night) is one that has pretty much ingrained itself in me. Throughout those awkward moments in life that get to us all, that’s the one song that I crank up loud to blast the blues away with. It is a fantastic affirmative discharge! I once asked former band member Matt Gault about this track in a radio interview we did a couple of years back, and he told me, that for him, it kind of exemplified the Empra philosophy of positivity.

The latest Empra single ``Rebecca`` has been on constant replay in my humble musically cluttered abode and has become a staple on the community radio shows that I host of late.

``Rebecca`` possesses a massive fat sound, lyrically it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and it has a soaring unforgettable quality that ingrains itself further with every listen.

Melbourne`s Revolver nightclub on Saturday September 19 played host to the Melbourne launch for ``Rebecca``. It was also the final show of a five week tour by Empra, and was the bands final show before they head to the U.S for 6 weeks. It has also been billed as Empra`s last Australian show for many months.

I got to the venue around 9.00PM to be greeted by my friend Fernando who is the drummer for incredibly eccentric hard/punk/heavy Melbourne rockers Bricks. Sadly he informed me that I had just missed his other band, Lieutenant Jam, play their set. I hate it when that happens! I`d mistakenly assumed that doors at 8.00PM meant first band at 9.00PM. That’s how it rolls in Central Victoria…Yes indeed; it is with good reason that my young son is most fond of calling me Daddy Doofus.

Tasmania`s Verticoli is a young band who`s exceptional new album ``Punching Bag`` I`ve been enjoying enormously of late. This is a band that is earning their way through relentless gigging and a profound determination to push through and get heard. This old school approach appears to be paying off for this exceptionally gifted band. Man I gotta say, Verticoli are tight! Being blessed as they are with such impressive material and a dynamic, yet low key charisma. This is a band I do hope to see achieve great things.

There is one thing that strikes me as most obvious as Empra take to the stage, and that is that this is a band that most genuinely loves what they do.

There is no faking the smiles emanating from the stage, nor the positive nervous energy that abounded so magnificently throughout a set that flies by way too fast; yet which bears notice to the fact that this is a band abundant in great songs…Truly great songs! Yes they are a powerful live band! But, at the heart of Empra is a wonderful knack of writing marvellous songs that draw from a variety of influences and styles.

Opening with the sublimely beautiful `Sabrina` Empra then took us on a wondrous musical journey that incorporated a lot of high energy power pop, rock & roll and the raucously jubilant lady of the night ``Rebecca`` and of course a rousing chill the fuck out singalong before culminating in an epic ``Only Love`` that saw singer/guitarist Sanny Veloo join the audience for a truly magical communal choir gathering.

At nights end I was reaffirmed of the fact that Empra make music that makes me happy. I know that happy isn`t an emotion that is looked upon with cool idyll…But fuck that shit! I`m an old music nerd, a bit of a hippy tragic at heart…and if happy it is, well so be it. I wear happy with great pride.

That live music experience never gets old for me. - Rock Bottom

"The best pizza party with EMPRA"

Have you ever noticed a certain demographic of Sydney’s population that seemingly emerge only on Thursday to Sunday nights? They’re a little older, their hair is a little scraggy, their jeans have accessories and only seem to own band t-shirts. No, it’s not some strange habitual rising of the dead. It’s just the crowd who frequent Frankie’s Pizza.

If you ever wonder where all the rockers go in this fine city then this den is the place you’d find them. With walls splattered with gig posters, the pungent yet alluring smell of cheese that wafts in the air and a decent supply of beer on hand, where better to take in some fine rock n’ roll music? So with that in mind, the perfect mood was set for EMPRA to launch their new single Rebecca.

Happened to be at Frankie’s to grab a late slice and brew on Sunday night? The best thing to go with that was a topping of EMPRA as they tore the veteran room a new one.

EMPRA are one of those bands that are best enjoyed in a live setting. Their mantra is simple, big chords, big presence and big vocals. It’s something of a forgotten art among many young rock bands, but not this Melbourne troupe. Made up of of Sanny Veloo on vocals and guitar, Matt Agius on the bass and Georgia Flipo handling the sticks the band have been gigging around for the last four years with a solid self-titled album behind them. They’ve just released Rebecca and to celebrate kicked off their short run of dates at everyone’s favourite cheese cavern. To put it frankly, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

There’s nothing like a late night rendezvous with Frankies. It’s your last chance to cut loose and have fun before the working week crushes your soul come morning. Which is fitting when Rebecca has lines like “This was another big night and I’m ready for more“. Well said Veloo, well said. All the massive energy the band have on tape they bring to the stage, the three piece working the space with plenty of energy and gusto. The venue has played host to dozens of boss rock n’ rollers and thankfully EMPRA honoured that tradition. Veloo and Agius jumped about and strutted in their small space. Veloo didn’t miss a note, switching from falsetto croon to gritty, masculine yelling.

Props to the sound dude is due too. In such a small space with such a loud band it’d be easy for some of the vocals to be drowned out in the mix, but everything sat in it’s place nicely allowing for a fine translation of the songs in the live setting. The urgency that ran through Rebecca was infectious, the thick, meaty riffs juicy and begging for the classic drunk mosh two-step.

If you do love a good rock show then be sure to catch EMPRA tomorrow at Adelaide’s Jive Bar. Alternatively you can catch them in acoustic mode at the Jetty Hotel in Melbourne on Saturday September 5, or in regular electric guitar mode on September 19 at Revolver Bandroom - HHHHappy

"Music Feed Faves"

One of Melbourne’s brightest young rock acts that you might not have heard of but should definitely get onto because they’re just that good, EMPRA, have released a brand new tune called Rebecca off their forthcoming sophomore LP, and it’s guaranteed to elevate your mood from “Billy Corgan at Disneyland” to “Baby Elephant Frolicking With Local Birdlife”

After casting ears on this vibrant rockin’ toe-tapper, with a soul-hugging chorus that could melt the heart of a Game Of Thrones White Walker, you’ll be wanting to name your firstborn child “Rebecca” regardless of gender, or re-name your previously-born child “Rebecca”, regardless of whether or not they’ve been a fully-grown adult for going on 10 years.

Cheers, mum.

EMPRA are also taking the new single on tour. Check out the dates via their official Facebook page. / Emmy Rebecca Mack, Staff Writer - Music Feeds


Although this band lacks a major label, aspects of EMPRA had me remembering getting into Motley Crue for the first time.

Tracks such as Doesn't Make Much Sense have an emotional intensity that puts your mind on edge then serves it up with glorious rawk.

Later, the stand out Only Love harkened Sick Puppies, maybe. Which is a good thing. Shows there are some killer harmonies and screaming pain coming out of EMPRA's bones. Full on, but so thrilling on the end of the speaker wire.

A unique interpretation of familiar music, controlled by tight guitar and a punchy rhythm section, the structures in the music are classic yet clever.

This genre is a bit like country - songs follow a time-honed verse, chorus, bridge set-up. Though in the hands of Sanny Veloo you end up with something that isn't some kid trying to figure it all out.
No, this is a man who - to use a surfing analogy - sits way out the back with his band mates, waiting for the largest waves.

He lands every one, and rides like a pro all the way in. - Sydney Morning Herald


As a debut release, Empra’s self-titled album has set the bar high for the future of the Australian rock scene. The band has taken their live songs to a new level with a polished final production and the help of featured artist Gotye, without losing an ounce of their stage presence and energy.

Empra features surprisingly simply lyrics that create honest stories of heartbreak and a lost friend. The emotion of the lyrical journeys are strengthened by Veloo’s vocals, that have captured the passion of the stories without sacrificing the power needed to be heard over the full force of the band. This album presents a stunning example of a classic rock sound that has been missing from the Australian music scene, with rough-edged riffs and a driving beat to match. But it is through the precision balance of honest emotions driven by the lyrics and the force of the band’s rock sound that sets this album up to be brilliant piece of art.

I Won’t Give Up really highlights Empra’s typical sound, with a high-energy rock sound that works with the strength of Veloo’s vocals to build intense and ridiculously catchy songs. The lead single, Doesn’t Make Much Sense, follows this pattern, featuring a highly memorable chorus that stands out across the album as a definite highlight and perfect for sticking in your head. The combination of the Empra’s signature high-octane rock energy and the unforgettable quality of the chorus, has set this song up to work brilliantly as the lead single of the album.

The fifth track, Only Love creates a slower moment in the middle of the album with the track ranging from an almost ballad-like opening to a full force rock song over the choruses. Despite the rather eclectic mix of tempos across the song, it blends in with the album as a whole and, in combination with the lyrics, creates a rollercoaster of an emotional journey in under 4 minutes. The closing track of the album, Sabrina, continues the slower tempo style as a rather haunting ballad that builds from an emotional, acoustic opening to a full-band backing without sacrificing the emotional and lyrical quality. With featured artist Gotye joining them, Sabrina features not only some his musical stylings, but also the emotions of Somebody I Used To Know, which truly adds to the impressive nature of the song. - The 59th Sound

"EMPRA - Strange Condition"

Empra have delivered their most mature work to date with the Strange Condition EP, a youth-radio-ready set of tunes as anything else 100% ROCK MAG have heard in the past twelve months.

The title track is an earworm of the most enjoyable kind, catchy as hell and eminently singable – it also boasts an incredible video clip which will have you cheering along!

The other three new songs on the EP also reflect Sanny & The Matts hard work and increased confidence in the wake of winning Live Nation’s Global Battle Of The Bands in LA earlier this year.

The Chronicles Of Office Politics, Call In Sick and Yours Sincerely are, put simply, a huge progression on their excellent 2012 debut album in terms of melody, playing, production and songwriting. A great live version of One Love from that debut rounds out the EP in fine fashion.

On the strength of this five track modern melodic rock slab, EMPRA’s upcoming album is gonna be a stunner. - 100% Rock


Some nights, you just HAD to be there – even if not everyone else was.

You know how it is. A band is road-hardened and energetic, and determined to deliver the best goddamn show they can, no matter whether there are 5 or 500 people in the joint. EMPRA were that band tonight, and didn’t give a rat’s arse that The Rocket Room was only edging towards half full – they delivered in spades, ensuring that everyone who was present went away knowing they’d seen something special.

For appetisers Bad Shannon and Mantl played solid sets that showed a lot of promise with some catchy hard rocking tunes. We’ll have to make sure we catch both of these bands again soon… and it’s always a pleasure to hear DJ Perry’s eclectic journey through his hard, heavy and twisted music collection.

EMPRA are at the tail end of a 24 date Australian tour, and 9 weeks playing 3 gigs a weekend have paid off – the songs from their debut album are raucous and hook-laden, energetic and bouncy and delivered with charisma, oomph and such a joie de vivre that there is little doubt they will go on to bigger and better things quickly.

Opening with Like A Runaway, the band had the crowd on side from the get-go. An irresistible number that perfectly blends the band’s hard rock-meets-pop punk modus operandi. Through Hand Me A Livewire, Charity Song and Foster The People cover Pumped Up Kicks, Sanny & the three Matts never let up for a moment. The frontman is a force of nature – all teeth and curls as he runs through the crowd, jumps around on stage and delivers hook after hook and riff after riff.

By set closer I Won’t Give Up, the 4 guys on stage are drenched in sweat and the dancing, headbanging, screaming crowd are exhausted. Job done! - The Rockpit

"EMPRA - Limited Edition EP"

Well as if these three fine people don’t look like a ton of fun! Not sure if it’s still the picture you’ll see when logging in to support EMPRA at their Facebook page…but the photo of these three smiling that’s up there right now is every bit as inviting as their harmonies & melodies. With just the right amount of mischief in those six-eyeballs-staring-back to confirm & hint that the wild antics of rock’n’roll still live vibrantly on. EMPRA is here to make some beautiful noise with unforgettable explosive-energy and full passion on display.

Opening-cut “Doesn’t Make Much Sense” makes plenty enough sense to the eardrums…of this I’m sure. Though I’ll certainly point out there are stronger rhythms to come on this EP, this opening track does manage to leave its mark and raise the bar as it plays through. Though the verse has the excellent chop-and-start guitars and a solid energy, I didn’t feel they began to truly separate themselves until the chorus began. The energy that “Doesn’t Make Much Sense” rises to is absolutely mind-blowing – this becomes a massive, crowd-pleasing anthem by the end of it all…it explodes with bright sounds and really showcases the tightness of this pop/rock/alternative band. Kind of like someone blended up The Offspring and Third Eye Blind together and got this awesomeness out of the tap.

For the record…I’ve got nearly no use for either The Offspring OR Third Eye Blah…but I’m liking what EMPRA is doing a whole hell of a lot…

“Strange Condition” clinched it all for me very early on. Absolutely wicked rolling bass from Matt Agius in this song, excellent guitars chiming in at the perfect time, solid drumbeat, excellent harmonies and absolutely stellar vocals and writing – did I cover it all? This is completely and thoroughly pop/rock bliss…and with another massive chorus & excellent guitar solo – this three piece are out to put five-piece bands to shame with how full their incredible rhythms & creative musicianship becomes.

“Only Love” reveals a little of the accent of the Aussie through the vocals of Sanny Veloo. Singing sweetly until he kicks the guitar pedals into overdrive and rocks this song right the fuck out with vocals that deserve an award. With controlled screams and ambitious energy – Sanny has nailed each and every song so far, but the explosiveness in his vocals throughout yet ANOTHER huge chorus will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

I can’t help but absolutely love “I Won’t Give Up.” Not only does this song play along with perfect pop/punk precision…the melodies are just insanely good! I think they borrow somewhat from the Foo Fighters in the sense that Dave’s on record talking about writing an amazing chorus, then switching it up to use that chorus as his verse, and THEN go after finding a bigger and better chorus. This song literally has it all…you know I try not to play to many favourites with my writing…but I can’t help but declare this explosive-beauty to be my favourite on this EP; it’s seriously incredible. Fantastic drums from Georgia Flipo and guitars from Sanny…this song just RIPS by with blazing speed and energy I just can’t enough of. And that scream leading to the final moments of the song? Genius.

“Sabrina,” the final song on the Limited Edition USA EP shows the stripped-down version of the EMPRA sound. Almost recalling more progressive and classic pop-sounds that you might find in Jellyfish before finding that Foo Fighter-y clutch-roar of the guitars as it heads into its final-minute-and-a-half. Reminds me of the second gear that Dave & Co. found on the song “A320” after its beautiful opening led them straight into a whirlwind of completely memorable rock. Hell – anyone that bought the Godzilla soundtrack back in the day realized quickly that was the only song on it that mattered!

Regardless of comparisons, EMPRA has put together a mix of explosive & emotional energy on the Limited Edition USA EP. I’m not sure quite what’s taken their sound so long to cross the water…but I’m definitely glad it’s arrived here now.

Find out more at their official page at: http://www.empraonline.com - Sleeping Bag Studios

"Culture Collide Top 5 Bands"


While not 100% sure of what Empra is, they were 100% a surprise, considering that British India were supposed to occupy this time slot in the Taix Champagne Room. Instead, the Melbourne, Australia, trio of vocalist and guitarist Sanny Veloo, bassist Matt Agius and drummer Georgia Flipo performed their fairly throwback, made-for-arenas rock (think Cheap Trick and Foo Fighters) with the unabashed enthusiasm of that high school band (they literally look high school age) itching to blow down the walls of the garage that they rehearse in. The trio brings power, sound hooks and melodies that invite you to investigate further as well some obvious love of the art of performance. No, Veloo, we don’t mind at all if you, your guitar and your microphone relocate to the middle of the floor in order to conduct a sing-along. FYI, Flipo could be a female version of Taylor Hawkins back there with her mighty impressive drum rolls and surprisingly powerful voice that alternates with Veloos’. - Buzzbands.La


EMPRA - Self Titled (2012)

EMPRA - Live at Revolver (2013)
EMPRA - USA EP (2015)

EMPRA - Rebecca (2015)
EMPRA - Strange Condition (2014)

Punk Kills Vol. 19 (2012)
Fist2Face Autumn Sampler (2013)
Parx-E Vol. 2 (2013)



EMPRA is a rock band from Melbourne that creates uplifting music filled with good vibes and euphoric sing-a-longs that will supercharge your heart and electrify your soul.

In their short four year history, EMPRA has released an album, two EPs and two singles. In 2013 their single, Strange Condition was shortlisted for the prestigious Vanda & Young Australian songwriting prize. They’ve been played regularly on Australian community radio, stations in South East Asia and are starting to gain traction on USA College Radio. The band has performed extensively across Australia with a whopping 200+ gigs in the past four years.

They’ve toured overseas to South East Asia and performed alongside Dune Rats, Tired Lion and performed a full blown arena show with Fall Out Boy who remarked that “EMPRA were one of the first bands on tour that could get the crowd singing along to their songs!”. In 2013, EMPRA took part in an international band competition and was selected to represent Australia in the finals held at the House of Blues at Sunset Strip USA. The band WON.

Back in Australia the band has had the honour of supporting Australian luminaries such as British India, DZ Deathrays, Kingswood and Calling All Cars. They even recorded a song with Gotye after Sanny sent him an acoustic bedroom recording asking if he could come to the studio and do his “Gotye thing”. He heard the song, loved it and said yes.

EMPRA are excited to present their new single entitled ‘Rebecca’. Inspired by a beautiful rock’n’roll woman who suffered from low self-esteem, the song is about telling that girl that her beauty already radiates from within and that she just needs to realise this without falling into the friend zone! The track overloads with fuzzy guitars, dirty bass lines, energetic drums, a vocal which switches between falsetto and screams along with catchy lyrics and a huge chorus, this is EMPRA stronger and fresher than ever.

With a sound that’s an amalgamation of alternative rock greats such as Weezer and Foo Fighters with modern rock heroes like Royal Blood, Manchester Orchestra and Japandroids, EMPRA delivers with an undeniable street coolness and rock’n’roll swagger and continues to lift spirits along the way.

EMPRA have just completed an Australian national tour in September 2015 and are now touring SE Asia and California through to the end of November 2015.

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