Empra decided to let its fans describe its music: " like heaven to my ears." " sounds like chain smoking bearded rockers." " wonderous" " some people have it, Empra does!" " i just eat Harold's fried chicken and listen to Empra" " omg its mesmerizing me" " moscow satellite, Im loving this."


Empra is a Chicago rock/progressive/experimental band that consists of 3 honest, hard-working members. Lead Singer and guitarist Saim Salahuddin had been prominent in Chicago's comprehensive music scene since 2006. Upon collabrating with Obi on bass, the band Empra was formed. After the depart of the initial drummer, Chicago's renowned Jeff Becker was asked to complete the live sound!
Empra is available for scream rock at little kids birthday parties.

The Band Says:
Apart from all this, we just sit around , play video games, go to work, make music and just look for ways to make life more adventurous.

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We love you


Shades and Sunlight

Set List

Yellow hats, Moscow Satellite, M.O.H, Rachel, Suffer For Norman, You are not the shortest straw, Colorado, Kick your neighbor, Falsifier.