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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | INDIE

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | INDIE
Band Latin EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Empresarios Sabor Tropical"

Sabor Tropical is a stunning mash-up of Latin funk and Reggaeton with dub, jazz and soul influences. Laidback breakbeats, with a Latin-shuffle twist and chilled-out, almost ambient moments keep the record's highly charged tracks from spinning into overdrive. It's a Cumbia cocktail on the rocks, and you'll be pouring yourself one drink after another. The record features the production skills of four Washington, DC area veteran DJs ? Sonny Cheebah, Sammy K., John Bowen and Paul Chaconas ? wrapped around the creative wits of boss Empresario Javier Miranda. - Exclaim.ca


"The 15 sun-drenched vibes on Sabor Tropical are perfect for a warm-up session or a nice cool down at any time of the year. Fort Knox Recordings are excited to bring you this new album, which continues their mission of showcasing new, modern global sounds from the nation’s capitol." - Generation Bass

"60 Dance/Electronic Releases To Look For In 2011"

The debut album from the Empressarios after the outfit’s appearance on The New Gold Standard. Combining Latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton, Sabor Tropical is oozing with, er, sabor. - Big Shot Magazine

"Globespinning with ... Empresarios"

Is there such a thing as being too musically diverse? The Washington, D.C., collective known as Empresarios is about to find out when
its debut disc, Sabor Tropical, drops Tuesday. The tasty blend of the laid-back and the Latin, downtempo and dance-floor, R&B and
reggaeton makes the album a cosmopolitan pleasure. But it also makes it hard to pin down. For Puerto Rican-born group leader,
vocalist and percussionist Javier Miranda -- who was best known until now as a sideman with those other suave, soulful sophisticates
from D.C., Thievery Corporation -- that's precisely the point. - Star Telegram


“Siesta” gives new life to an otherwise lazy concept: a speedy, snappy, beat-heavy Latin track with moody horns spontaneously echoing throughout with afternoon lovemaking finesse. “The Source” continues the chill vibe projected by “Siesta,” but diversifies the instruments, creating a more sophisticated sound with an Asian-esque string instrument repetitively drawing out notes while electronic tones ring on top of a fast conga. Sabor Tropical’s title track is the most danceable on the album, and also one of the few songs with vocals featured throughout. Superior percussion, clean horns, and simple vocals make this song the most accessible and salsa-worthy on Sabor Tropical. - Eastern Surf

"Empresarios – Sabor Tropical"

“An Empresario was a person who, in the early years of the settlement of Texas, had been granted the right to settle on Mexican land in exchange for recruiting and taking responsibility for new settlers. The word is Spanish for entrepreneur.” - Schitzpopinov

"Warmup With Empresarios"

"With Sabor Tropical, they have set the bar very high for the new generation of artists to follow. From the opening track on Sabor Tropical, you already know you’re in for a diverse ride of styles. The album smoothly combines latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton on a grooveoriented tip, perfectly balancing beats for both the headphones and dancefloor." - Mundo Vibe

"Empresarios Impress"

"Taking elements of downtempo, chill out, Latin, and reggaeton, Empersarios create a sun drenched world of beach vibes and relaxed times. Sabor Tropical is an island vacation from the comfort of your living room. This is the sound of the Caribbean lapping up through your speakers and when the weather is as cold as it has been, Sabor Tropical is like a much needed escape. They might hail from DC, but they sound as though they've been traversing through the Caribbean most of their lives and it's reflected on just about every song here." - First Coast News

"Empresarios "Sabor Tropical""

"From the opening track on Sabor Tropical, you already know you're in for a diverse ride of styles. The album smoothly combines latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton on a groove-oriented tip, perfectly balancing beats for both the headphones and dancefloor. The album is sophisticated and sexy, while still staying true to its roots. Sabor Tropical effortlessly transports you from the relaxing beaches of Playa del Carmen to the streets of Spanish Harlem, and everywhere in between." - All About Jazz

"Empresarios CD Review"

"Solid dose of contemporary Ricky Ricardo music that fuses the Latin with the jazz and other dance styles into a deck gringo mix that today's yuppie will want in the background when firing up a doob after another shit eating day punching up briefs at the law factory. Just when you think you've got this record figured out, you're in for a surprise." - Midwest Record

"13 World Music Records To Look Out For In The New Year"

Washington D.C.'s Empresarios take on the unenviable task of "Bringing Latin funk goodness to our nation's capitol. But even if the District isn't quite ready for their smooth tropical blend of funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton, the rest of us could use a stiff shot of Sabor Tropical right about now, to tide us over until the weather turns warm? Available January 11th.: - National Geographic

"Video Selecter: Empresarios"

"There is no shortage of creativity among these talented musicians and DJs and their influences. From downtempo, dub, Latin, house, trip-hop and reggaeton can all be heard in their definitive, eclectic sound." - National Geographic Video

"Urb Magazine Online"

"Remeber the last time you plugged in your headphones and just floated away on a sea of dub music—like a good mushroom journey without the dicey legal issues and poop smell? Neither do we, but this new selection by dub-downtempo-house-dash-dash-dash crew Empresarios, featuring vocals by frequent Thievery Corporation collaborator Zeebo Steele, has our bodies leaving the physical plane. The album, Sabor Tropical, came out yesterday, so set course for a neon psychedelic voyage." - Urb Magazine


"Empresarios describe their sound as Nu Soul/Funk/Trip-Hop/HOUSE high on sun and soul. Amen and everyone a gozar cause this sounds mad!" - LA Family Dub


"The Empresarios Sound System represents an international selection of original music created by five talented and experienced musicians and artists. Not only is the music diverse but so is the group and the guest vocalists, from Latin artists like MAFU Crew to Rootz & Zee from See-I, there is never a shortage of amazing artists who collaborate with the group." - Press Junkie

"Global Beat Fusion: The Art of the Remix"

"Javier Miranda "played congas with Thievery and had great taste in music. That shows through on this 15-track album, with a lot of solid cuts and a few outstanding ones, most notably the Latin funky title track and the reggaeton-cumbia banger "Negrita Linda." This record will be coming out from my DJ bag often in the near future." - Huffington Post

"CD Review: Impressive Empresarios"

"The Washington, D.C.-based band of modern Latin-funk is hitting the streets with the most impressive dance beats, trip hop rhythms, and dub-step on the market today. The Latin grooves border on jazz styles that heat up any occasion or mood." - Inside World Music


"The Empresarios only use cumbia as a launching point for “Cumbia“, and they feel no inclination to accept the limits of genre. A large band is easily imaginable as their leaning beat is assisted by a rhythmic guitar, an insistent cowbell, virtuoso triangles, accordian stabs and a deep bassline groove. Conga rolls frequently act as signals for new melodic elements but also serve as their own feature, too." - Culture System

"Culture Remixed Review: Sabor Tropical by Empresarios"

"The other part of this must certainly be that apart from the instruments they play, each of the five members of Empresarios is also a producer. It takes a lot skill to use what many would consider disparate elements and make them work together well. Thankfully these guys have what it takes to pull it off." - Culture Remixed Review

"Globespinning with ... Empresarios"

?"Is there such a thing as being too musically diverse? The Washington, D.C., collective known as Empresarios is about to find out when its debut disc, Sabor Tropical, drops Tuesday. The tasty blend of the laid-back and the Latin, downtempo and dance-floor, R&B and reggaeton makes the album a cosmopolitan pleasure." - Star Telegram


Fort Knox Recordings is a record label based out of Washington, DC, and they've assembled another compilation featuring a mishmash of styles – reggae, funk, Latin, Indian, and more.

“Sitargazer” by International Velvet is the standout track on the compilation. With its bass heavy rhythm, the sitar gives it some Eastern flair creating an amalgamation of disparate styles that blend quite well together. If it had more aggressive drum programming, you'd almost think it was the Chemical Brothers. International Velvet also has a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's “Sundown” that features another sitar solo (certainly not a phrase you hear often) and is a modern twist of the adult contemporary original.

Other highlights include the South American “Cumbia” by the Empresarios with its skitterish synth sounds hiding behind a Latin-styled piano and impressive bongo work; Speedy Consuela's “Number One Fan” with its pouncing bass and keen record scratches; and the uptempo “The Sax Pusher” by the Fort Knox Five with the sax player taking center stage – it's enough to make Oliver Sain proud.

While it lacks cohesiveness as a whole, when taken individually many of the songs themselves work quite well. In the age of digital downloading, pick the songs that work best for you and get an early start on preparing your summer BBQ mixtape. It's not all golden treasure stored inside, but there are enough nuggets with luster in here that prove it's not fool's gold either.
Labels: Funk, Global Grooves, New Music - http://www.record-racks.com/2010/02/fort-knox-recordings-presents.html

"Properly Chilled review of The New Gold Standard"

Fort Knox Recordings is a pretty awesome little label. It was founded by the guys who bring you music as Fort Knox Five, Thunderball, and a few other names, and they jumped into the endeavor knowing that 100% quality is the only way to get things done. Mostly, Fort Knox is a 12" vinyl single house. Every so often though, they release a full-length, and they even do it on CD sometimes. One such full-length release was the 2006 compilation The New Gold Standard. It showcased the labels current and future talents, and it was in fact pure gold. The Gold Standard series highlight the labels current roster of talent. The second in that series is now out, but how do you maintain such a high standard of quality? Or more importantly, did they?

Empresarios is a somewhat new act to make its name extend beyond the DC borders. Among the bands five members is Javier Miranda. Javier has been at the center of DC's music scene for a while now, touring with Thievery Corporation, contributing to Thomas Blondet's work on Rhythm & Culture, as well as the work of Farid, Desmond Williams, and Federico Aubele. He also provides live percussion at a number of events going down around DC. Eighteenth Street Lounge is probably the most notable one for those of us outside any intimate involvement in DC's club scene. There are two tracks from Empresarios on this compilation and they are both incredible Latin jams. I only wish "Sabor Tropical" was a little longer.

Bottom line: Like the first New Gold Standard, volume 2 does not disappoint. - Poperlychilled.com

"MURMURDC Review of the New Gold Standard 2"

I wish I were funky. Scratch that–I wish I were funk-ay. Sadly, the only beats I drop are ones at the grocery store, and the only hip shakin’ I pull off is when its 20 degrees outside.
The New Gold Standard 2–Fort Knox Recordings’ new compilation album featuring a bunch of artists you’ve probably never heard, but should quickly get yourself acquainted with–is this year’s number one reason to get off the couch and onto a dance floor, particularly one with myriad flashing lights. With a song titled “Make Ya Dance,” it’s clear what this label, and its artists, are aiming for: getting people to “open up and live.”

As a very popular character said in a once very popular television show called Futurama, “What’s goin’ on? That rhythm, it’s doin’ somethin’ to my human butt.” Listening to The Gold Standard is a lot like that sentiment, your human butt starts shaking, and the only cure is to dance.
The level of cohesion found within this compilation is truly astounding, though. Each artist inhabits a completely different style, but every song has a pinch of sound from the last, and segues beautifully into the next, requiring (not to this reviewer’s complaint) multiple listens.

It’s hard not to compare the artist’s, trying to figure which has the most impact, which makes you want to dance the most, which makes you think the most while you’re dancing. Aside from the sonic gold that is Fort Knox Five, International Velvet has the most potential out of all these acts. Listening to “Sitargazer” is like taking a trip back to The Chemical Brothers’ heyday, then adding a sitar to the mix, and a whole lot more savoir-faire. His other track on the album, “Sundown,” throws Beatles pop structures, that sweet sitar, some smooth R& B vocals, and a dance track into the mix producing one rockin’ pastiche of sound. Sure, the song borrows heavily from the Beck canon, but 15 years after Odelay, who doesn’t borrow from the Beck canon?

Really, there’s so much funk going down on every track that it’s impossible to capture it all. Speedy Consuela’s voice is like satin threaded into big band horns, with a Latin kick. And if the Latin flavor’s what your looking for, skip over to Empresarios for a genuinely thrilling blend of classic and contemporary. If your musical taste buds aren’t piqued by that point, skip straight to Liftoff’s seriously spacey track, “Marshmeadows.” Think Animal Collective meets The Album Leaf meets LCD Soundsystem meets Starman-era David Bowie–and yeah, it’s a good combination. Seriously, this label’s got the world music meanderings on lock-down.

I can tell I’ve started to sound a bit like an info-mercial promoting the latest comp album from Fort Knox, so I’ll just let the music speak for itself: Get up and dance, even if you don’t know how. - Murmurdc.com

"Press from The New Gold Standard 2"

Press from The New Gold Standard 2

“It is nice to have also tunes for more open minded “world music floor” as Bhangra, Sabor Tropical and Cumbia perfectly prove! I will support this release in my sets and radio shows! Thanks a lot again to FK5 recordings!” Salted Soul

“Good to see y’all flexin the Latin vibe again. Sabor Tropical is hot!” URB Magazine/ AllHipHop.com/ MTV.com

"Another great compilation with the many faces of Fort Knox Records. Top tunes, different styles for different moods. My favorites are "The Sax Pusher" and "Cumbia". Javi Frias, Afrodisia Club (Grenada, Spain), ScannerFM (Barcelona, Spain)
- Various


"Sabor Tropical"
Released January 11th, 2011 by Fort Knox Recordings

Empresarios Contributed 2 tracks to The New Gold Standard 2 released by Fort Knox Five Recordings in November 09.



ABOUT THE BAND: The Empresarios Sound System represents an international selection of original music created by five talented and experienced musicians and artists. Not only is the music diverse but so is the group and the guest vocalists, from Latin artists like MAFU Crew to Rootz & Zee from See-I, there is never a shortage of amazing artists who collaborate with the group.


Javier Miranda: (Vocals, Congas, Producer) THE BOSS EMPRESARIO. Javier’s skills on percussion and obvious passion for music is what sets him apart from the pack and his resume speaks volumes. 1993 * Performed for Paul Newman at The Rainbow Room, New York, NY with Richard Montgomery High School Jazz Ensemble. 1999-2002 * Toured with Thievery Corporation across Europe, Iceland and the U.S. 2003 * Performed with Mustafa Akbar for his United States tour 2003 –*2006 musica fresca tour* Currently Javier performing weekly with See-I, DC’s hottest band, as well as touring with various DJ’s across the United States.

Sonny Cheeba (Brazilian/Latin DJ, Producer) Sonny Cheeba has been influenced by the sounds of Hip Hop and House music from an early age. 21 years later moving into sounds of Reggae and Downtempo music. A Washington D.C.-based Downtempo and Reggae DJ and producer with a driving beat and smooth mixing technique. For over Twenty years he has brought his vigorous style and enthusiastic stage presence to events throughout North America and Brazil.

Sammy K. aka Sammy Arsam Khosh: (House DJ, Producer) Arsam’s passion for music began in his hometown located in Northern California just miles outside of music and art Mecca San Francisco. This inspiration developed into a full blown passion for house music. Over the last couple years Arsam has turned to producing and has been continuing to develop his production skills by spending a great deal of time in the studio. Arsam currently resides in Washington DC where he has engaged in various musical projects (including Empresarios Music) and DJ gigs all over the area. In the past year his music has been charted, played on radio stations and has received great feedback from established artists and record labels.

John Bowen, aka Video Killers: (Video DJ, Producer) After 16 years of holding down residencies in dc’s biggest & best clubs (Dream, Ozio, Club Five, Local 16, Science Club etc.) to doing events for Cindy Crawford in New York or spinning a movie premier in London; JB doesn’t stop pushing forward. While still rocking nightclubs & cooling down lounges, he’s at the front line of the video dj world taking over art galleries & museums. Over the past 3 years he produced the 3 volume Refresh mix DVD mix series that have sold 5,000 copies in Japan. RECENT performances include: Best of the Best festival in Miami (30k in attendance), THE Bob Marley Festival in Miami (35k in attendance), ULTRAFEST in Miami (80k in attendance). 2009 Black Caucus Event, Washington DC. He also makes up half the duo of Perpetual Sound System that released ‘Forward Selection’ in 2001 on DC’s Open Source Music label.

Paul Chaconas: (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Producer, Engineer) The Empresarios Chief Technology officer. Paul has performed for over a decade in DC hardcore bands (FAR CRY, ON EDGE), 20 years of studio experience (studied & taught at legendary Omega Studios) & 30 years playing any and & every instrument. Chaconas’s life IS music. He also makes up half the duo of Perpetual Sound System that released “Forward Selection” in 2001 on DC’s Open Source Music label. When not building his own custom guitars or working on his current guitar solo project, he is constantly keeping up on the latest software and hardware keeping the studio sessions running smooth.