Empty Hours

Empty Hours

 Brantford, Ontario, CAN

Head Shaking, Foot Tapping, Hip Gyrating, Arm Swinging Booty Shaking Rock N Roll Influenced by the likes of Elvis Costello, The Jam, early Who and The Clash.

Empty Hours full length LP "It's About Time" was released in September 2017. It was partly recorded at Metalworks with Kevin Dietz; mixed by Randy Solsky and mastered by Noah Mintz.

It is available on Vinyl, CD, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


The Empty Hours features:
Paul Harris, Guitars and Vocals;
Reuben Costa, Bass, Keys and Vocals; and
Rob Chowhan, on Drums.

All of the members have experienced success with other musical ventures, but believe that they cannot beat the chemistry that they share together. This chemistry shines through their performances of their own killer original material.

Blessed with two dynamic and versatile singers, they cover a wide range of styles and provide each other with impeccable harmonies while virtually attacking their guitars with abandon. They are backed by a monster of a drummer who holds the group together by beating his drums into oblivion. Many jaws have hit the floor when he lets loose.

Their Punk-influenced Power-Pop brand of head-shaking Rock N Roll has been a common passion for all members of this fine trio of gentlemen.

The overall effect of the band’s performances is that they continue to get asked back to the same clubs to deliver more of the same. At this juncture, the band is looking to expand their horizons and allow more audiences to be subjected to Thee Empty Hours in all of their finery.

Over the years, Thee Empty Hours and it’s members have had the pleasure to share the stage with the following artists:

Our Lady Peace, The Doughboys, Sum 41, Tea Party, Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, Lowest of the Low, The Watchmen, Snow, Bowling For Soup, Planet Smashers, Alun Pigguns, Headstones, Agent Orange, Bon Jovi (seriously, Rob’'s band: The Luminols won a Q-107 contest!), Junkhouse, The Killjoys, Supergarage, Chesterfield Kings and many others that have been forgotten, but still count.

Combining energy and talent with a dash of humour, the band have set themselves apart from other bands in their delivery of upbeat and danceable modern and vintage rock ‘n’ roll classics

Their Earth-shattering Energetic shows, Heart-Drenched Melodies and Impeccable Rhythms and Harmonies keep their ever-growing fan base asking for MORE!


Lucky Day

Written By: The Empty Hours

On the highway, driving west
Trying to figure out the best
Missed the exit long ago
I take some time to let you know
As the weeks turn into years
I'm sure I've got some brand new fears
They fall on me just like the driving rain

I don't mean to let you
Drop on by to forget you

I can't hardly wait
for the day to begin
I can't hardly wait
for this lucky day to begin over again

Now I'm perfectly disjointed
I hope you're not disappointed
I fall apart but keep it together
Back today but you're gone forever

I don't mean to let you
Drop on by to forget you

I can't hardly wait
for the day to begin
I can't hardly wait
for this lucky day to begin over again

Stealing lines from my favourite songs
Figuring that they got it wrong
I think that I just lost my meaning
I stand here screaming

I don't mean to let you
Drop on by to forget you

I can't hardly wait
for the day to begin
I can't hardly wait
for this lucky day to begin over again

Tired of landing on my face
Lost my style, lost my grace
Troubles always come in threes
They take me back
And knock me to my knees


"It's About Time" - Full LP (Sept. 2018)

The Watershed EP. (2008)

Other band's CDs our members have been involved in include:

The Luminols - Idiot's Delight (2006)
Wisconsin - Rhymes without Reason (2002)
Reuben James - So Ya want to Be a Gunfighter (1997)
Run Perry Run - ST. (1996)
Floater - The Goldfish EP (1995)

Set List



Set it Straight


Lost In Translation

For Real



Pushing Ten

Vicariously Living





Don’t Bury Me

Judy Fruit

Barbie Doll

Pre – Set Destination

Frankie and Delilah


Lucky Day

Song For Girl Friday

In a Place

Away From Here

Tables Turn

I want you to Want me - Cheap Trick

Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes

Melanie - The Prisoners

Behind the Wall of Sleep - The Smithereens

Like Wow Wipeout - Hoodoo Gurus