Empty Arms

Empty Arms

 South Lyon, Michigan, USA

Empty Arms uniquely combines various styles of music into a singular coherent musical composition. We take Punk Rock and merge it into Rock form with a mix of Heavy Metal. The music is written with various tempo and style in mind. From slow songs, to fast heavy riffed songs, we write all our music with quality and compassion. We never do anything half fast. Every note needs to be in perfect harmony with all the others.These pieces are all written with a horror conception.


A long time ago, in the distant time warp three. Young men of the living human race battled in a fight for humanity. The war was with the Astro- Zombies from the Planet X, but resistance was futile and the living human race was destroyed. All accept for the ones had been turned undead. These three young men were of those turned to the undead and were left with nothing but Empty Arms and a hunger for the living. So they are returning to the present time warp, on planet Earth, to form a rock band in an attempt to lure in the living so they can be eaten alive and turned to the undead.
With powerful undead vocals, catchy lyrics, fast hard edged guitars, spooky bass lines, thundering drums, and a live show straight out of the grave.

Empty Arms is Horror Rock at its best!


2008: "Straight Out The Grave"
2010: (CD is currently in production)

Set List

The Real Horror Show
Vampire Girls
Straight Out the Grave
My House of Hell
Army of the Walking Dead
House on the Haunted Hill
The End