Empty Black Box

Empty Black Box


Empty Black Box is a brass rock band of nine man-and-woman mixture. A passionate song, powerful sound, and the stage performances on which nine persons dance and jump, are powerful and overwhelmed.


JAN. 2002 : Empty Black Box is formed focusing on Vocal Yatz.

MAY. 2004 : 1st mini-album "HYAKUNEN TATTEMO-even if 100 year passes-" released.

One-week without a break on-the-street live execution! The live on the street is performed for seven days at 16 places. (Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Omiya, Kawasaki, Sakuragicho, Hachioji, Tachikawa, Kichijoji, Ochanomizu, Akihabara, Ueno, Yurakucho, Kashiwa, Tsudanuma, Chiba)

"HYAKUNEN TATTEMO" gained the 1st place of an indies weekly chart of certain foreign-affiliated company CD chain store.

AUG. 2004 : performed at "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'04" .

OCT. 2004 : performed at "MINAMI WHEEL'04" held in OSAKA.

DEC. 2004 : column "Sally(Tb)'s blurred Polaroid" series start with a free magazine "MUSIC UP's."

JAN. 2005 : "HYAKUNEN TATTEMO" with PV national super expansion released.

Bay FM Special Radio program "Empty Black Box's TONDEMO HAPPENING" start.

JUN. 2005 : First maxi single"FOOLISH" released. -guest musician, Mr. Akihito Masui(ex.KEMURI)-

"FOOLISH" gained the 1st place of an indies weekly chart of certain foreign-affiliated company CD chain store.

JUL. 2005 : Special radio program ""ONEGAI! EBB-wish !EBB-" of Empty Black Box" start one-piece monthly with bayfm.

"FOOLISH" ranked to the 4th place of "Weekly Pia" degree-of-satisfaction ranking.

"FOOLISH" became an ending theme tune of Kansai Television "NANBO DE NANBO".

AUG. 2005 : appeared on TV SHOW "69*TRIBE" of Fuji Television

"FOOLISH" ranked 5th place of CHAKUSON ranking.

PV "FOOLISH" was broadcast in the program of the "SOUND WEATHER of the Fuji Television.

FEB. 2006 : The new radio program "Radi Mop" in which Vocal Yatz acts as a main personality on Shibuya FM (78.4 MHz) will start from four days. (Every week Saturday 14:00)
MAR. 2006 : New Mini Album "JUNJO BOX -purehearted box-" released.

MAGAZINE -AQUADIUM May issue, ONGAKU TO HITO-music and the man- April issue, CD DATA April issue with release information and CD review printed.
KOI JIKAN-love time- May issue, advertisement printed.
MUSIC UP's No. 18 The interview printed.
JUICE MAGAZINE April issue CD review printed.
JUNGLE LIFE No. 101 CD review printed.

TV- space shower TV "AOI HANA -blue flower-" PV Broadcasting on Mar. 18, 2006
Fuji Television "SOUND WEATHER" "AOI HANA -blue flower-" PV Broadcasting www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/sweather/

RADIO- NIPPON BROADCASTING SYSTEM -- "all night Nippon" "AOI HANA -blue flower-" Broadcasting on Mar.27-Mar.31

WEB - Original Confidence style "GO GO NEW COMMER" artist review http: //www.oricondd.com/special/new_comer/
Mop Artist review http://pc.mop.tv/
e-ministop.com CD review
CD data .com "In CHANE Derby" artist review http://www.cddata-mag.com/indies/derby/index.php

"AOI HANA - blue flower-" karaoke distribution start from April 19.
"JONETSU BEAT -passion beat-" distribution start at iTunes.
"AOI HANA-blue flower-" limited time offer free download start at Listen Japan (March 24 - March 30
PV distribution start of "AOI HANA-blue flower-" in http://www.sound-tv.net/artists/emptyblackbox / music animation information site "SOUND-TV".
PV of "FOOLISH" and "BOKURANO KIMOCHI-my feeling-" is also under distribution.

The "Yurakucho music room April issue" download start.
"Yurakucho music room 2 hour live" performed in NIPPON BROADCASTING SYSTEM on March 10 can download by iTunes.

APR. 2006 : "AOI HANA-blue flower-" is broadcast in MINISTOP of 1600 stores in Japan repeatedly every day.

Yatz & Ponch appeared on AM radio 1242 NIPPON BROADCASTING SYSTEM "all night Nippon R" on Sat., April 29

Empty Black Box artist review is published at the corner "MOVE ON!" of the "Player" June issue (May 2 on sale)

Nov. 2006 : Full album "What's EBB?" released.

"KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" is broadcast in MINISTOP of 1600 stores in Japan repeatedly every day.

"KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" ending theme of TV CS FUJI "ELVIS".
"KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" PV broadcasting at Fuji Television "SOUND WEATHER".
"KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" PV & CM broadcasting with "space shower TV".
"KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" broadcasting in a SCR-HOT STOCK corner of "music on TV".

Radio program "MOZAIKU NIGHT" Yatz & Ponch guest starring .

Shibuya FM(78.4MHz) "radimop" Ponch & Yusaku guest starring.

NIPPON BROADCASTING SYSTEM (AM1242) -- MUSIC CLIP comment broadcasting.http://www.1242.com/

"KIMINO 1/2-one half of you-" PV public presentation under distribution at USEN free animation site Gyao "Clip ring".
"KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" PV under distribution at a music animation information site "SOUND-TV"! http://www.sound-tv.net/artists/emptyblackbox/
PV "KIMINO 1/2 -one half of you-" on a magazine Player mobile site "Player guitar LOVE".

Karaoke - "KIMINO1/2-one half of you-" di


"•S”N‚½‚Á‚Ä‚àHyakunen Tattemo" - Jan. 21, 2005
"FOOLISH" - Jun. 22, 2005
"ƒîƒ{ƒbƒNƒXJyunjyo Box" - Mar. 15, 2006
"What's EBB" - Nov. 22, 2006

Set List

about 30 strictly original songs
enough for 120 minutes
standard set list would be 45 minutes