Empty Face

Empty Face


High impact, heavy hitting and powerful three piece all original rock band. Songs range from slow and dreamy to extremely heavy. The music consist of hard driving guitar riffs, smooth bass lines, explosive drum parts and heavy lyrics with deep meaning.


Me and my two cousins started this band a few years back. We gave up racing motocross to make music and we haven't looked back. If it wasn't for Tre Cool we probably wouldn't be here today. After hearing him play my cousin was inspired to get his first drum kit. Shortly after I got my first bass. My other cousin who has played guitars his whole life was a given. I started writing some lyrics and we were off on a mission to be the greatest rock band on the face of the earth. We have been playing shows for a little over a year now. We mainly play in the Athens area but we have also played in Atlanta and Duluth. We are looking to go on tour across the states towards the end of this year. What separates us from other bands is the fact that each of our songs sound completely different. Also you can make out all of the lyrics which is not the case for most of the bands we have played with. Our major influences include Rush, Led Zeppelin, Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, Dream Theater, Incubus, Queen and many more. Our main goal is to make the best music we can!


2006 Demo

Set List

Other Side
Wake Up
Blood in my Eyes
My Friend The End
This Life

Our sets are typically 10 to 12 songs and an hour long. All of our songs are original.