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This band has not uploaded any videos



"20-20 hindsight and 100% insight"

"...a punk fueled vibe propel reflective tunes that have 20-20 hindsight and 100% insight. Paul Friend's raspy tone has and urgency that endows the music with an intense impact. It's heart-felt rock in its finest form--the kind you feel deep in your bones... Their most powerful aspect is Friend's deep, strong gravelly voice."

"... Friend's assertive compassion may be upfront and in your face, but it also conveys a good-natured confidence. Like a working class hero, he connects strongly with the audience and invites them into his world. communication on stage is also high... "

"...his (Friend's) songs are intimate stories that are not only personal and touching, but observational at the same time. This warm detachment gives his tunes a depth and poignancy that is unmistakable. There's a genuineness to this material that only comes from the real thing, and Friend appears to be just that. He's a smart songwriter with a sharp vision who explicitly captures the emotion in any situation..."

"... With songs that have substance and themes that matter, this act should have a very bright future. Indeed industry would be well advised to check them out while they still can."

-Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine, www.musicconnection.com
- Music Connection Magazine


Pale EP 2006



So what's it gonna take to impress you? Embellishments and name-droppings? A pretty little saga of all our musical accomplishments?
Fuck that!
Does that in any way make our music more qualified for your ears right now?

The both of us feel that we have lead very odd and interesting lives and would be overjoyed to share these enchanting tales with those of you who are truely interested in us as individuals.
In other words, we ain't slapping together some bullshit biography to try to impress some record label.
Bearing all this in mind, let us give you a brief and dry introduction to Empty Star. (in a form of a self-interview)

Malin and Paul met in Los Angeles
Q: Was they born in Los Angeles?
A: No!

Q: Where was they born?
A: Malin was born in Stockholm, Sweden and Paul was born in New Haven, CT, USA.

Q: Then, why was they in Los Angeles?
A: As a late teenager, Paul was a vagabond musician roving around the United States living out of his 1978 G-10 Chevy Van.
Eventually he landed in LA because he believed (at the time) that it would be the best place to promote his music.
Malin moved to LA to study music and escape the humdrum life that was driving her bonkers back in Sweden.

Q: Why does Malin dye her hair that color?
A: Shut up!

Q: Where did you get the name "Paul Needza Friend"?
A: My birth name is Paul Friend and the creative and charming bullies in middle school gave me the "Needza"

Q: What about Malin Bizarr. is that your real name?
A: Well my real name is just one word... "Malin", but I didn't wanna sound pompous like Cher or Sting or just call myself a sign that nobody could say, and seeing how "Bizarr" rhymes with guitar and buitar, it sounded appropriate.

Q: What exactly is a "buitar"? A: Well originally we was a three-piece band. We lost the drummer, so Paul decided to play drums and then he invented this fucked-up instrument where you can play both guitar and bass simultaneously and then he forced me to play it.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Don't ask stupid questions.