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Emrah Kento

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Solo Pop Soul




"indiscover pick"

Lonely Vagabond in Exclaim Magazine said "This is music that drenches you like a warm sunbeam". Who did he say this about? Emrah Kento of course.

That description fits 'In The Morning' perfectly, as it's one of those songs that makes your heart smile. His vocals are rich, the lyrics are tender and together they work beautifully to create a great song.

If you feel like gettin' down with your lovey-dovey self (or want to check out a great song), listen to 'In The Morning' by Emrah Kento.

You can check out the tune right HERE


- indiscover.net

"Emrah Kento"

With a significant piece of the music industry relying on singer/songwriters to bust out pop hits to be played in the background of coffee shops, malls, and restaurants, it is to no surprise that the competition between such musicians is so cutthroat. As artists like Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer, and Landon Pigg develop pop tunes to sooth the ears of the listeners, the result leaves a catchy hook or ballad in the heads of the present-day music fan. As pop songs overflow on radio and independent music charts, the time ticks for the next singer/songwriter to step up to the plate.

In Emrah Kento’s recent self-titled EP, he demonstrates a mix of soulful rock music, with a twist of pop and funk-fusion. With a soft, yet memorable voice, Kento delivers the message of lust, chase, and love through the four songs off of the release. In the opener, “Break the Rules,” Kento utilizes tactics similar to Jason Mraz, as he plays a major-chord, pop riff on the guitar, while adding in a freestyle rap at the end of the song. Although this is a good first attempt at combining soulful rap with a pop sound, it is in need of some tweaking. With songs, “In the Morning” and “Lost Chance,” the singer/songwriter displays a quieter tone, as finger picking on an acoustic and a wider range in vocals is used. Each song captures the attention of the listener, but lacks in keeping the audience focused throughout the length of each of the three to five minute songs.

Although the release is not quite ready to compete against the likes of the current singer/songwriters on the Billboard charts, it does, however, have potential to become a great success among more of the adult contemporary crowd. Kento’s talent is clearly demonstrated through the length of the EP; however, with a bit more development in the songwriting process, the musician will soon stand with his companions as they compete on the pop music charts.

- muzikreviews.com


Dear Emrah Kento,
I'm pretty much in love with your music. :) Please make more.

Love always,
Ok. So that would be my short and sweet love note to this deliciously talented artist. His debut EP, Culture Shock is only 4 songs long. But in this album, it's hard not to recognize there is talent...and plenty of it.

I love the lyrics and the easy way I get lost in the songs.

I've mentioned this track in a previous post, but "In the Morning" is just amazing! It's pretty powerful, as it evokes serious mushiness from me, and every time I listen to this song I feel the need to tell my boyfriend how much I love him!
In the morning,
in the morning.
I'm at ease, I'm adoring
waking up to you

Overall, it's a great EP. I like the range of Emrah's vocals from an edgy rock-with-a-bit-of-funk sound in "Break the Rules" to the sexy simplicity of how they accompany the guitar strumming in "Sunsets". Then there's "Lost Chance" which interestingly partners a mild pop beat with sad lyrics of a relationship that is no more...yet Emrah makes it work.

I'm excited to have been introduced to Emrah's music and of course had to share him with you! However, I'm not sure at this time, where you can get this debut release. Gimme some time to do a little detective work, and once I find out, I'll make sure to let you guys know!

Meanwhile, you can check him out and all the songs at www.myspace.com/emrahkento. *Check out the acoustic version of "Lost Chance" on the music player! - million watts of sound blog

"Emrah Kento, your next guilty pleasure..."

We’ve all come across that ‘Kelly Clarkson’ or ‘Brian McKnight’ song that we just love but can’t muster up the courage to admit it to the world. Yeah, that’s right, that guilty pleasure. We’ve all got them and your next one will probably be Emrah Kento.

He’s a soulful pop-singer that could easily squeeze himself in between the likes of Jason Mraz or Gavin DeGraw.

The VH1 Top 20 countdown will be the home of this guy in the future. He boasts an R&B pop sound. He mixes acoustic guitar with steaming vocals on some songs and on other songs, he will blend a little hip-hop with some dance beats along side his vocals.

He’s got the recipe for success, you can hear it in songs like “In the Morning.” The track makes you want to stare in to your lady’s eyes and feel that everything-is-right moment. The amazing thing about Kento is that he looks nonchalant when he belts out his vocals.

Kento’s songs deal with love, breakup, not forgiving your loved one and pursuing the love of your life. He’s just a few tweaks away from being a mainstay in the music world. It’s a safe bet though if you surround him with some talented production that his star will soar.

He’s recently released his debut EP, Culture Shock. It’s got four tracks. Time will tell if he can put a full album together but the odds are certainly in his favor. “In The Morning” is definitely his best track off the EP. Keep your eyes and ears open for Kento, before he takes your girl.
- Independent Media Magazine

"Hidden Gems..."

"Among the highlights of the evening, was a Mr. Emrah. K. O. With acoustic guitar played upside down, we thought this was more a party trick than actual talent. But when he started to play and once his voice started to get going, we were glued to our seats! This charming, and very much talented, young singer/songwriter has one of the most dynamic voices and styles we've come across in recent times. Someone to keep an eye on for sure." - Now Magazine





Since an early age, Emrah has had a affinity for all things music. Growing up in a multicultural city like Toronto, he explored and found solace in varied music forms. It was during his teens, going through a particularly rough period, where singing/songwriting became an ideal and therapeutic outlet. After graduating from York University's music performance program, he had an opportunity to live in Japan. In Japan,he became a ninja and also performed in various jazz/funk bands where he developed his current and unique style. Emrah is well versed in a variety of instruments, all of which are self taught as is evident through the now notorious upside down guitar.He has performed along side many of Toronto's top musicians; Artists like Justin Nozuka, Ricky Tillo, Sekou Lumumba,Mike Ferfolia, Mark Pellizer, Dane Hartsell, Shobha, to name a few.His most recent accolades include being a finalist for the Toronto Independent Music Awards and showcase spots for Canadian Music Week and South By Southwest. Along with Andrew Huang (of songstowearpants.com fame), he has recently completed a self produced debut EP which is slated for a Spring 2013 release.

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