"Captivating... one of the most elegant formations of American rock." ~ ROCK TOTAL.com. Enation is an anthemic rock band from WA State fronted by Jonathan Jackson. Enation's music has gone Top 10 on the national iTunes Rock Charts, been featured on MTV.com, 'One Tree Hill', & many other soundtracks.



"Captivating... One of the most elegant formations of American rock."

Enation is an anthemic American rock band with a Euro/Rock flare fronted by Jonathan Jackson. Enation's music has been on MTV.com, 'One Tree Hill', A&E’s ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ and has already had a song go Top 10 on the iTunes Rock Charts.

Enation is fast becoming known as one of the best epic rock bands around. Combining expanse and creativity sonically with honesty of soul lyrically, Enation have built an international fan base, selling thousands of albums at home and abroad. Their dedicated fans, known as ENATION ARMY, are so passionate that they have traveled across states, coasts, and even continents to see them play.

Their album, ‘World In Flight’, has been received with glowing reviews from critics and fans alike. “The theme of ‘World In Flight’ is about liberation of soul and spirit,” Enation frontman Jonathan Jackson says, “But not a liberation you can fully understand, it’s a liberation that makes you dizzy. It's about being awakened to dreams. It's about paradigms changing, being open to the brilliant sky above you. It also embraces pain as a vehicle for breakthrough and transformation.”

With ‘World In Flight’, Enation takes on the world.

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"Falling Into Sounds: The Early Sessions 2004-2007"

"Soul & Story: Volume One" -- Folk LP (2007)
[song "I'm On Your Side" won Grindie Songwriting Award from RadioIndy]

"Feel This: music from the hit TV show 'One Tree Hill'"
[went to #8 on I-Tunes rock chart / #1 on CDBaby!] -- Rock EP (2008)

"World In Flight"
[title track feat. on CW's "One Tree Hill"]
-- Alternative Rock (2008)

Set List

1. The Rushing Wind
2. Let The Beauty Out
3. This Darkness
4. Present/Future
5. Something Worth Defending
6. Burst Wide Open
7. The Whole World Is Falling Apart
8. Eyes of Grace
9. Everything Is Possible
10. World In Flight
11. What I Always Thought I Knew

(our sets are between 30-60 min. depending on the venue, about 6-11 songs on average...)