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The album Encantos Andinos, sponsored by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, was released in December 2009 and earned a gold record given by the Ministry of Culture, both for its sales volume as for its finesse and social impact. This fan of sounds of Ayacucho’s music has shown, by the warm reception it received, that Lima and Perú have long been awaiting a material that reflects the beauty of their culture and its musical sensitivity.

Encantos Andinos, in addition to its artistic expression, is a proposal aimed to bring back to memory or show Peruvians and the world the rich musical tradition that has to our days since centuries ago walking through the beautiful and rugged paths of the Peruvian Andes.



Group founded by Andean Peruvian singer, composer and master charango player Jaime Guardia and Peruvian singer, producer and composer Pepita García-Miró in 2008, has left a trail to follow in Peruvian folklore. The power and depth of this music, filled with poetry has long been awaited by lovers of Andean culture and has surprised those who still weren’t acquainted with it. A proposal aimed to rescue This captivating classical music’s charged with a mystique that entrances the public due to its lyrics and rhythmical roots that come back to our days from centuries ago.

Jaime Guardia

Jaime Guardia is one of the most illustrious charango players in Peru. His prestige has surpassed the frontiers of his country, due both to his brilliant style and compromise of keeping alive the authentic folklore of his hometown. Born at Villa de Pauza (Páucar del Sarasara, Ayacucho), his merits were celebrated by writer, anthropologist and philanthropist José María Arguedas, who dedicated his famous novel Todas las Sangres “To Jaime Guardia, from Villa de Pauza, in whom the music of Peru is embodied as fire and weeping.” He is a deep singer, as well as a renowned songwriter. The songs in this record are the fruit of both his inspiration and the zeal with which he devotes himself to save the ancient music of his land, as he experienced it from early childhood

Pepita García Miró

Peruvian singer and songwriter, her love for her country music, with the great diversity in its regions (Coast, Highlands, Tropical Rainforest), began when she was a child. As the director of Cernícalo Producciones, she promotes and develops Peruvian music of high quality. Her deep respect for her country’s wisdom and ancestral heritage is reflected in her songs. Born in Lima, she is a pupil of noted lyrical singer Juanita Porras. At present she is part of “Tribal”, Manongo Mujica’s band. In order to prevent the disappearance of classical Andean music, she joined vocal forces with maestro Jaime Guardia. Encantos Andinos is the harmonious result of this effort.

Gregorio Condori Tito

A sensitive musician and excellent harpist, his hands carry a vast repertoire of classical Andean songs. Born in 1955 in Huacahuacho (Lucanas, Ayacucho), he inherited his gift from his father, noted harpist Germán Condori ‘Qaqe’. Since he was 15 he participates actively in scissors dance groups, and has presided over the association founded in 1984 to group all the performers of the genre. Aside from his professional performances in Peru and abroad, both with scissors dance groups and playing Ayacucho folklore, he is a harp teacher at the National Culture Institute.

Andrés Chimango Lares

A respected Andean music performer, he plays the violin since his early youth. He has always accompanied the danza de tijeras (scissors dance), huaylías (Christmas), negritos and other folklore dances from Ayacucho. He is one of the most renowned Andean violinists and his talent and knowledge has been shown at Peruvian, American and European stages. Born in 1957 in Cabana Sur (Lucanas, Ayacucho), he is a scholar of Ayacucho folk music (negritos, pastores and huaylías, carnivals and the Water Feast), which he compiles and preserves.

Jaime José Guardia

A devoted promoter of Peruvian music, he made five records with the group Trilce and is part of the duo Los Heraldos Negros with Francisco de la Cruz. His guitar frequently accompanies his father, Jaime Guardia, in his performances, as well as in the legendary trio Lira Pausina. Born in Barranco, Lima, in 1964, he grew up in Pauza (Ayacucho), and returned to the capital at 13, the age in which he taught himself to play charango and guitar. At 20 his career as a professional musician began. Later on he entered the Arts program at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, studying musical theory. He teaches Art Education at a Pamplona Alta school in Lima and guitar and charango at the Museo de la Cultura (Culture Museum).