Vancouver, Washington, USA
BandEDMNew Age

Dancy, upbeat, spiritual, musical, uplifting, and awe-inspiring.


Enchante started back in 1980, but was not really enacted upon until 2007. Influences ar SKinny Puppy, tangerine dream, OhGr, The Tear Garden, and Front 242. What sets me apart from others, is that I am just one person. I create the music, and put it down into musical form from what I am feeling. My music is generally the part of an emotional inward struggle reflected in something which I am dealing with, or an outside enviromental issue which I cant really solve or help.


Enchante started with the creation of 3 or my original songs back in 1980. These songs were primarily "classical", as the keyboards of that era couldnt really capture the musical "feel" i was trying to create. The project layed by the wayside until early 2000, when I started experimenting with new technology. As part of this collaboration of song Ideas, I released an albulm entitled "soulscape in December 2009, and am currently working on an albulm enititled "soulstorm" for 2010. Soulscape was more of an electronic, Dance, techno style, while soulstorm will be more emotional sounding music, embedened with rich electronic beats. Something which the listener will want to listen to and play again and again either blastic the music, listening to it to inspire the creation of their own artistic talents, or listen to it just as background music. I hope that thru my music I can share with the world what I see with my eyes, and feel with my soul.