"En Chordais"

"En Chordais"


En Chordais is an internationally acclaimed Greek musical ensemble specializing in the traditions of the Mediterranean music. Through its work combines the tradition with the modern trends of music and offers a broad perspective to the Greek music scene. The ensemble collaborates occasionally with virtuosi from all over the world presenting a multimedia mosaic dating from the 13th century to today.


En Chordais is one of the most internationally acclaimed and exceptional music ensembles specializing in the traditions of the Mediterranean music. Its presence on stage is always accompanied with a wide and unique repertoire mixed with compositions both from the past and the contemporary time maintaining the originality and the timeless of the old as well as the intimacy of the today’s trends. With this extensive repertoire and a playful, lively presence on stage, the ensemble has toured throughout the world, receiving enthusiastic critical acclaim.

Radio France Prize for World Music – 2008

Official nomination for the UNESCO Sharjah Prize - 2006


1. Leila and Metznoun. Music with compositions of the classical music of the East in the famous love poem of the great Iraqi poet Fouzouli (16th cent.),in translation and recitation Thomas Korovini. Lyra, Athens 1996.

2. Prosmoni. Compositions of the members of “En Chordais”, but also important compositions of earlier times, which support the link of yesterday with today.“ En Chordais” 1901,Thessaloniki 2001.

3. Secular Music of Athos Byzantine Music Codes. Unknown traditional songs and compositions of the lords of Fanar as they preserved in manuscripts music codes in the monastic libraries of Mount Athos - Athos. Research – texts: Thomas Apostolopoulos. Music: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis. There is a CD embedded in the book of Proceedings of the parallel events of the Exhibition of Treasures of Mount Athos – Athos. OPPETH ‘97

4. Thalassa Thimisou. A double CD, with songs and tunes from the Oinousses and the Asia Minor coast. Maritime Museum Oinousses, I - 1801 & II - 1802, Athens 1999.

5. Zacharias Hanedes. Pieces if secular and church music of the great Greek composer of the 18th century from Constantinople. “En Chordais” 1912, Thessaloniki 2001/ Kalan Music 344, Constantinople 2004.

6. Petros Peloponnisios. Secular and church music of the great composer of the 18th century from Constantinople, Petro Lampadariou of Peloponnesse. “En Chordais” 1919, Thessaloniki 2005.

7. Stou Meliou tous Kafenedes. Songs and tunes from the cycle of time, the cycle of life and fun. A recording of the rich Asia Minor tradition of Meliou of Eritrea. Cultural organization “Agios Ioannis o Theologos”, 2007.

8. Grèce: Musique d’ Asie Mineure et de Constantinople. Songs and tunes from Constantinople, Smyrna and Asia Minor. Live recording in the Theatre de la Ville – Abesse in Paris in the context of the award of “En Chordais” by the French Radio with the “Prix France Music des Musiques du Monde 2008”. Music: Kyriakos Petras. Ocora C 560223 HM 76, Paris 2010.

It also participates in the CD:

1. “Sounds of Castles”. Chronis Aidonidis, Christos Zotos, Giasemi and Nickos Saragoudas, Achileas Vasileiadis, Panagiotis Lalezas etc. in songs for the castles of all over the Greece. “En Chordais” 1904, Thessalonki 2004, in conjunction with the 9th Eforeia Byzantine Antiquities.

2. Carrefour de la Méditerranée. Coopetarion of “En Chordais” with the Libanese singer Ghada Shbeir and the ensemble Constantinople of the Iranian Kiya and Ziya Tabassian. Music and songs at the crossroads of the Mediterranean in live recording in Montreal… ATMA Classique 22316, Montreal 2004.

3. Exile. Composition: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, “En Chordais” 1904, Thessaloniki 2005.

4. The Tale of Music. Composition Kyriakos Kalaitzidis and text Vasiliki Neurokopli. “En Chordais” 1927, Thessaloniki 2009.

5. Music from the North and East Aegean Sea”. A series of Greek Music Charts (“Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament for the Parliamentarism and Democracy” 978-960-6757-21-1), Athens 2009.

6. “Greek Café”. A collection of Greek traditional and art music (“Music Rough Guides” RGNET1197CD8), London 2010.