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The best kept secret in music


"Long Island Press"

After one listen to Break the Silence, you might call Encounter Box musical terrorists. But don't worry, they mean no harm. They're just here to inform you of some wrongdoings in this world: war, materialism, corruption, etc. Supported by a fury of angry electronics and thrashing guitars, Dominick Llama and Digital T (both formerly of Corrosive 8) meld politically and socially aware hip-hop with metalized industrial. Think Public Enemy meets Ministry and KMFDM. Now think keyboard stands with built-in televisions and singer/model Monique Capelta along for performances. That'll give you an idea of Encounter Box's mission. Tracks like the menacing "Image Conscious" address consumerism and materialism. "Sleeping in Kandahar" demonstrates Encounter Box's respect for Public Enemy, with looping samples and rapped political statements. "You want truth? I don't think you can handle the truth" they shout in "Methane Merengue," amongst power-tooled percussion. The only thing that's missing is police sirens and gunshots. They may not have been the first to break the silence on their chosen issues, but this record will break the silence in a room by bringing in the confrontational noise.
- Kenyon Hopkin

"Space Junkies Magazine"

Oh Wow ! This is an awesome album, especially compared to the majority of the electronic based music i have been hearing lately. I'll have to dig out their older demo to listen to the difference between these two albums.From what i recall from my collective memory databases, theri older music sounds nothing like this. The Production is superb, the album cover is pretty cool, the music is much more assaulting and has a much more sinister overtone to it. This is an album you can jump right into and enjoy, its very upbeat, almost dj club friendly in an electro-rave atmospheric setting. I love it!!! i want to hear more and more, this band gets better every year ( and so does their official website!) They did a great job on this album, I'm rather impressed with it. 10+/ 10 - Wednesday Elektra

"Long Island Music Scene"

Llama and Digital T have been hard at work, cooking up some of the finest musical
innovations in their laboratory of sounds. This Disc contains 10 tracks of sonic shrapnel. At
first, you’ll wonder what exactly you’ve gotten yourself into, and then it soon becomes
all-too-clear that nothing is wrong.....you’ve entered the land of genius. The tracks are
filled with droning fuzzes and other worldly vocals. One minute it can send chills down your
spine, and the next minute you’ll find yourself paying close attention to the words and
thinking, “hmm, I never thought about that before, suppose it’s true?”
A standout track is called “Just Normal”, witch conjures up kind of a KC & The Sunshine
Band vibe, and it has a very mainstream feel. The title track, ‘Encounter Box”, has a hidden
jam with blissful twists and turns. A good way to describe the sound of this music might be
to combine the gritty heavyhandeness of Nine inch Nails and the guttural growling of Tricky.
Give it a listen. It’s well worth the time. - Tim Connelly

"Neo Zine"

The cover has a nice picture of a Goth girl on her knees with her hands bound by a headphone chord. Encounter Box is a 2 man electronic group with industrial, hip hop and dance influences. Lyrics are catchy......"we turn the bass up, and we push your head back and let the music take control....we've got to break the silence!" This is good music for a mixed party that you want to point in the down and dirty direction. Its pretty sleazy sounding and I'll bet it encourages some filthy behavior on the dance floor. - CHC

"Wetworks E Zine"

Hailing from New York comes the guitar-driven Hip-Hop Industrial sounds of Encounter Box. What I want to know is how much weed do you have to smoke to eventually sound like this? (laughs). "Breaking The Silence," the debut album from Encounter Box is seriously insane (but in a good way). Anyone that was paying attention to the 90s and labels like Reconstriction Records will know what this band sounds like. Encounter Box is a mix between the militant Hip-Hop of SMP, the raw energy of early 16volt, the vocal growling of Bile and the junk-punk aesthetic of Babyland. The album is a bit on the short side, clocking in at only 34 minutes, but every song has a rawness that leaves it's mark. Tracks I liked the most include the hypnotic "Image Conscious," the anthem-esque "Dirty Playback" and the funky "Sleeping In Kandahar." Guitar-driven angst never sounded so good.
www.wetworksezine.com - Gunhed

"Wrapped In Wire"

Encounter Box is the industrial rock rap hybrid act of Dominick Llama and Digital T. This "Break The Silence" CD is a much stronger effort than their debut album. Everything has improved here including the song structures, music diversity, vocals and overall production.

The music here is a cocktail of different styles including rap, rock, industrial and electro. The electronic programming/sampling is chaotic, the bass beats heavy, the guitars thrashy and the vocals are a mix between deep word blurting and high toned singing. Everything is mixed together well delivering a lot of variety in each song.

The songs range from dark and serious to upbeat and catchy. Being the dark individual that I am, I prefer the darker more aggressive songs here. I especially like "Dirty Playback", "Unitentional Destruction", "Methane Merengue" and "Mental Assault".

There's a lot of diversity on this album. No two songs really sound alike, but they all manage to stick to a similar style throughout. Unfortunately, each of them are a little on the short side. I would have preferred that they were a few minutes longer.

This album will mostly appeal to fans of coldwave and nu metal music similar to Acumen Nation, 16 Volt, SMP, Korn, (hed) PE, etc. There is crossover appeal here, and I could see Encounter Box becoming a big name in commercial music if they got the right exposure.

As much as I like this CD, there is still room for improvement. I would like to see the band go even darker, heavier and more aggressive with greater use of electronic programming and moody melodies in the future.

- Darklight


Broken Thought Process 2000
Break The Silence 2003

We are getting airplay on both regular and online stations across the nation


Feeling a bit camera shy


We can sit around the table and toss opinions all over the place the fact of the matter is that Encounter Box represents every thing artistic thats missing in music today.... It has a sense of style worth checking out.
We really don't see the need to bore you with any history lessons, instead we'll share with you our hunger and ambition for making good music and having a good time doing it. Because that is what we are all about. Encounter Box has been going strong for 4 years now and there are no signs of letting down. We work hard to create music that not only voices our opinions but also grabs the listener and makes them think for a few minutes.. You dont really get that in alot of tunes these days.You hear it but you aren't listening....we make you listen..
Our beats are life threatening, watch out for the shrapnel! Rythmic synth hooks reminisant of the late 70's early 80's, tricky loops, ominous samples, gritty guitar riffs......its all in there......Its like we just ran through a music time line and took a bit of everything back with us.... Between the 2 of us we listen to almost everything......Industrial, Hip Hop, Metal, Funk, Jazz you name it. And its not only music that singes our creative desires....We look around everyday life and use that to fuel our unique style as well....Life has so much to offer, good and bad.....Being from NY has given us our share of ups and downs too..why not express those feelings..
Thats what we try to bring to the table. We are not an image. We are everyday people that you can relate to.
When we aren't busy expressing our feelings we are hard at work on the buisness end of things with our own label Moss Covered Records. It's a total DIY thing, very indie.....Don't get the wrong idea, this is hard work and we spend countless hours promoting, networking and booking shows...
And thats where you come in, the person reading this, your ears listening to the music, your body feeling the beats and your mind expressing interest in our art makes it all worth while.
2004 has Encounter Box has become involved with Amp Energy Drinks college radio program and are featured on Amp 6 Pack Volume 15. Amp will also be sponsering EB on select live events.