Endangered Ape
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Endangered Ape

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Alberta Boom! by Kallen Law"

Starting out as current bassist Paul Lawton’s solo bedroom project, Lethbridge’s Endangered Ape has since gone through several line-up changes to settle upon its current incarnation: Lawton himself on bass and songwriting duties, Adam Munro on vocals, Jane Edmundson on the synth, Jeff King and Kent Aardse on guitars, and Stu Bota on the drums.

Most solo bedroom projects turned full bands lose the intimacy that a solo project provides but with Endangered Ape, their recordings’ lo-fi production gives them the best of both worlds: at the moment, they can sound like a post-punk version of Simply Saucer if they want to (and they do) but their aesthetic ensures continuity between their past, present, and future, so that no matter what they choose to sound like, they will always maintain at least some singularity.

However, it is in their live shows that they have gained their reputation. Out of all the bands playing Alberta Boom, Endangered Ape has the most electrifying vocalist with Munro. With the same spirit as Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes or Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington (but without the bulge of either), he manages to be confrontational and entertaining. Even with a vocalist such as theirs, the rest of Endangered Ape is never content fading into the background. Their unique sound usually ensures just that but with the addition of their two new guitarists, the band now has enough musical firepower than ever to face the audience head-on as much as their vocalist does. - Beatroute (December 2008)


1. Slaying Le Monstre Sacre CDEP (Self Released)
2. Variations on a Theme Tour-Only EP (Self Released)
3. Alberta BOOM! Compilation Cassette (Mammoth Cave)
4. 7" coming Spring 2009 (Geographing)
5. Full length Spring 2009 (Mammoth Cave)



Endangered Ape are like a primate breeding program in a futuristic zoo: a volatile reconciliation of bestial instinct and industrial efficiency. Their in their urgent, Brecht suburban post-punk, listeners are assailed by the seemingly disparate urges to recoil in horror at the heavy-browed madness before them, and to participate in the weird mating dance. When the deed is concluded, Endangered Ape will no doubt leave their audience divided as to whether the act that they just witnessed was mechanically carnal, or ferally manufactured. The only absolute truth upon which the whole crowd will agree is that this band kick all manner of ass.

Paul Lawton