Endangered Species

Endangered Species

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Back in 1994 when Hip Hop was in it's post-golden era years, it was going in the direction that many thought would mean it's demise. In an attempt to preserve the art form and keep it's namesake pure the semantic rap group " Endangered Species" was born. Brought together with the common LOVE for the culture and all that it encompasses. The simple goal within the group is that of many die hard "heads", keep everything true to the Art and please yourself as well as the people. Even tone flows, phat beats and FEEL GOOD Music is what this rag tag team of head nodding purist have set out to do. The"ES" crew have opened for the likes of Too $hort, Common and other local Chicago artists. Never substituting style over substance they would prefer to quote clear thought provoking lyrics. Their blue-collar ethics is what have kept them grounded in the otherwise superfluous World of Entertainment. Their energetic and crowd participation performances have kept the fan base growing daily. Endangered have rocked many venues in Chicago and outlying areas... The Hot House, Subterranean, The Note, The Cotton Club and The Tin-Lizzie where they are perennial favorites.


Lp is entitled "Soul Brothas"released in Fall of 2004
singles are the Getaway, Soul Brothas, and Over yo Head