End County Road

End County Road


End County Road, Rock and Roll for the everyday American. Ask a fan what drives them to listen to the band and you will get a different answer each time. Whatever the reason, fans know they are on to something special.


End County Road - Mike Graham (vocals/guitar) and Bobby Smith (bass) have been playing together since late 2003 to create a fusion of rock & roll, pop and country. And with the recent addition of Gary Sorenson (guitar), Dan Scheffler (keys), and Cal Neal (drums) ECR has again captured that unique American rock sound. They have been compared to the Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows and even confused with some of country's new comers. From pop driven anthems that remind the listener of John Cougar to tortured unlove ballads that give homage to Mike's powerful rock roots; ECR abandons all rules while clearly displaying a sophisticated songwriting style. A solid rock & roll foundation with powerful melodic vocals drives ECR's catchy hooks through original music that sounds both fresh and timeless.


Demo tracks available at www.myspace.com/endcountyroad

Set List

Waiting for You
Suicide Waltz
Pick Me up
Wieght of the World
Go Away
Saturday Night

All soongs are originals with cover added spontaneously.