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'The Satisfaction of Knowing'
- Released May 1st 2004
- Recorded and produced by Real Cardinal



In August of 2002, a few young men decided to do something a lot of teenagers decide to do… they wanted to make some music… to put their talents to good use and try and create something themselves and others could enjoy. I have had the pleasure of watching this band grow since day one, and a lot of change has happened, a lot of progression has happened, and something that started out as a couple of guys jamming in a cramped basement has evolved into something truly awesome. Every time I think of how this band has evolved, how their sound and capability as a group has become so strong, I suddenly find myself with an excitement that only so many bands can give you. With all the members of the band bringing in multiple influences and different playing styles, Ender mixes elements of everything. This in my opinion is the forte of the ensemble. From the un-holstered sense of urgency and alarm, to the melodic breakdowns that rip through the thickest of heartstrings, Ender proves to be capable of just about anything, appealing to all senses all peoples. The technical prowess of the band members is astute and astounding, their sound evolving from simpler songs, to a texture-filled onslaught of melodies and hooks. The lyrics honest and poignant, the band manages to communicate with the masses in a way that is inimitable. Starting out playing small local shows, and with the recording of their new EP “The Satisfaction Of Knowing�, the band is ready to bring to the table something an elite few can… a sound that is refreshing, a sound that is the image of what new music should be. The progression of this band continues to disarm person upon person, and they continue to deliver music that idealizes what every aspiring young group of musicians hope to fulfill. -Sadeeq Hudda