END ever

END ever

 Billings, Montana, USA

"END ever didn’t let the night fade away.As the lyrics were screamed and the band members banged their heads...the Tuneys ended in a near musical explosion.".(The Billings Outpost). We are a plague of crushing metal onslaught for which there is no cure.


END ever is back with their 4th studio album, Fruitation of the Maggot, their mix of groove metal and thrash style vocals, recorded by Rob Rebeck at Chapman Recording. The unadulterated metal onslaught that is END ever, began in Billings, MT in 1998. END ever appeared at the 2001 Milwaukee Metal Fest and has shared the stage with such bands as Diecast, If Hope Dies, E-Town Concrete, Dope, Primer 55, Skinlab, Society One, Cattle Decapitation, Bloodlet, I.R.A.T.E, High On Fire, Drunkhorse, Arcanium, and Hemlock. The nine-time winner of the Billings Outpost Tuney Award for Best Metal Act (2002-2010), and the 2002 winner of the Billings New Rock Rumble, END ever signed an endorsement deal with Halo Guitars in October of 2005.


2009-Fruitaition of the Maggot
2008-E.P. Release
2004-Hillbilly Olympics
2003-"Wargasm" single available on Home on the Range vol.2
2002-Beautiful Music...for Ugly Children
1999-Messis Cr Morte'

Set List

Awake in the Grave
You Are Weak
Bleed Thru
You Should See You
Matter of Time
Start of Madness
Taking Too Long To Die
Fruitation of the Maggot
And Then You Die
Kiss the Ashes
Change This World
Hate Domino Theory
Ol' #13 (Soberphobic)
Abusive Intrusive