End Fight Scene

End Fight Scene


Very well established, high energy COVER/ORIGINAL rock band with lots of pop influence....


True musicians are the dorky kids that locked themselves in their room and mastered their instrument because they didnt have anything better to do. Then when they got a little older they blossomed into handsom men that had amazing musical talent. THAT'S US!! We have all been playing since we were kids and we have been through all of the phases of a maturing musician. And were still muturing. Right now we are in the phase where selling albums is KING. When we sat down to write our album, we took a step back to see how a simpler mind would hear the songs. Catchy Melodies and Guitar stewed with tight, simple drum and Bass licks....thats what gets um. Thats not how we play normally tho. We are an excellent jam band. See us live- our improvised jams last for 30 minutes crowd permitting. But, in maturing our music we have to play more tastefully. Most of our influences come from the 80's. From heavy metal to Jazz flute.... seriously we love everything.....Versatility is where we always win


Our Debut Album "Best Of" Released on 12.18.09
-streaming on myspace.com/endfightscene
-for sale on iTunes

Set List

We are a hardworking cover band that plays every weekend 4 hours a night. We have between 65 and 70 cover songs that we play regularly, mostly 80's and 90's, all upbeat dance music. We dont use set lists. We have more fun making a show on the fly and we can easily read a crowd. Typically we do a 1 hour set, 30 min break, then a long 2 1/2 hour set to finish the night. Some of the artists we cover are: Tears for fears, Van Halen, AHA, Micheal Jackson, Journey, Europe, Kenny Logins, Sublime, The cure, Cheap Trick, Green Day, Maroon 5, Killers, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Genisis.
-We also have an hour set of original Music.(4 of our songs are on this profile).