End In Ashes

End In Ashes


End In Ashes is unlike anything you've ever heard. We rock hard with well put together, send a chill down your spine, hard hitting music. We know how to draw a crowd and have them begging for more. If you want a good show, you want End In Ashes.


End In Ashes was brought together in the summer of 2007 by four talented musicians with different musical tastes and backgrounds. With vocal influences ranging from Crossfade to Skillet and some 12 Stones, you never know what you will hear next. Listeners are always kept on the edge of their seat. Guitars influenced by Creed, Sick Puppies, and Chevelle provide an incredible mix of sound when blended with vocals. Hardcore and High Energy bass lines provide the perfect backdrop for these guitars and assist the hard hitting, but smooth, jazz inspired drums. So many influences blended together to form the perfect sound. With no two songs the same, end in ashes music is filled with suspense and energy. Hailing from smalltown Three Rivers, Michigan, no one expected what they heard when they heard end in ashes.


My Last Words

Written By: Spencer Minor

I'll let your words take over
There's still more to you and me
You make me melt too quickly
So I can't explain my feelings

I'm writing my last words to you
My hands shaking as I do
And I'll let you know
That I was so
Afraid to say
That I love you so

My eyes water to the sound of your voice
My heart aches for you
Now that I can't be there for you
I realize I don't want to

I can't tell you
That I care too much
I can't say to you
That this is too much

Put Up A Fight

Written By: Spencer Minor

I let your cold words wrap around me
I let your dark fortress surround me
All these things are happening
While my soul is awakening

You slip into my thoughts and
Tear my life apart
I wrestle you to get out alive
But for you, you put up a fight

The ceiling is low in this room tonight
The corners are dark in this room tonight
All these things are happening
While my soul is awakening

While this is happening
Lights go on and off you'll see
So let this keep on happening
And leave from me

Get out of my thoughts
Or I'll tear your life apart
Stop wrestling to get out alive
Sad for you, I put up a fight

What I'm Looking For

Written By: Larry Minor/Spencer Minor

I saw you yesterday
I had a plan but it went away
When I tripped over my pride
And landed by your side
I want to say
I'm hear for you

I want to hold you
But I've lost my mind, lost my mind
I want to touch you
But I can't find what i'm looking for

I saw you yesterday
You turned and walked away
Even if I knew what to do
You condemned me to lose
I still need to find
What I'm looking for

I'm looking for
Myself in all of this
I'm tortured by your kiss
Your lips beg me to try
To put myself aside
I need you in my everyday
Every second

Control Freak

Written By: Jordan Leland

You come to me like you control me
You come to me like you can tear down my life
You can try and take what you want
But you can't have what isn't yours
Come On, Lets Go

Who are you to take what he has given?
Who are you to take the life he breathed?

You can't bring me down
You can't break me down
You'll never stop me now
You can't stop me now


Written By: Spencer Minor

Quietly awaiting our souls to lift up
I'm a good man isn't that enough?
Take me but I've fallen
Lift me up, I'm calling out to you

The heavens will disappear with a loud roar
The elements destroyed by fire
Our lives and all surrounding
Will be no more, no more

Where are we with our lives in this array
I'm cold and wanting to hear you say
"I'm here to leave it all"
Lift me up I'm calling out to you

Watch me go and find the memories of our lives
Fill me with the memories of our lives


1st Demo included:

Closed Doors
Locked Inside
This Side Of Town
You Broke Me

Set List

We will put together a custom set list to fit your needs, we play around 20 original songs, no covers, and can play from a half hour, to an hour and a half.

Songs Include:

Locked Inside
You Broke Me
Back Up
Closed Doors
The End
The Begging
I'm Trying To Say I'm Sorry
Control Freak
Break Down
This Side Of Town
My Last Words
Catch Me
Too Smart For You
What I Need
Put Up A Fight
What I'm Looking For