Endless Dark

Endless Dark

 Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

..... experience the explosive force of ‘Endless Dark’ ..... the music they make is a dramatic hybrid of powerful heavy guitars, retro-synth keyboards with a perfect mix of clean and scream vocals. The Intensive rythms and drum fills makes the music constantly evolve and excite, but at the same time never loose it’s heavy roots. The melodies are catchy and warm enough with melodic hooks and heavy breakdowns. Endless Dark appear from nowhere with guns blazing to prove that heavy aggressive, yet c


Endless Dark began their carear as a group of teenage boys consisting of 3 brothers and 3 close friends.. They would get to gether playing music by their favorite bands such as Him and Type O Negative..

They began to create their own music shortly after the bands first show.. After Countless shows all around Iceland they had raised so much buzz around them that they were seeing more and more people turning up night after night without any radio or media atention..

It wasn´t untill after a trip to the UK to compete at the "International Battle of the bands" Were they landed in second place, that the band caught the eyes of the Icelandic media.. Gaining them UK management and one of the biggest booking agency´s in Europe..

Now with 2 UK tours in one year along with working wihe Canadian producer Brian Moncarz and debut EP on the way the band is ready to take on the world..


Endless Dark - Made Of Glass (TBR)

Set List

2.Through Desperation
3.New Track
5.Fading From You
6.Awful Place
7.Shooting Star Press
8.Cold Hard December