endless illusion

endless illusion

BandAlternativeClassic Rock

We are unique bands with strong roots. We sound like a combination of Jimi Hendrix, Red hot chilli peppers, and Sublime. A fun loving band that has a passion for music. We are not only band members but more importantly we are musicians with a strong will to succeed.


Our music is different from the heavier bands that our popular today. We have our own style and all of our songs are different. We have all been taking lessons for many years and we all kind of met by chance.


Best song in our and our fans opinion is "Maybe its all the same " We have professionally done tracks on our myspace.

Set List

Our set list varies depending on the location of the gig. We can be a cover/party band or an all original one. Our set lists can be as long as 2 hours (with covers) or as short as need be.