Endless Interstate
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Endless Interstate

Bath, Maine, United States

Bath, Maine, United States
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"Endless Interstate"

"I have to tell you it's one of the best things I've heard in a while. I'm really enjoying it. It really is great...soulful, emotional, well written and produced. It has a great Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog feel to it. Haven't taken it out of my cd player since I put it in." - Chris Johnston - Montsweag Roadhouse

"Endless Interstate"

Artist: Endless Interstate
Album: Endless Interstate
Review by Rhonda Readence

Although Endless Interstate is a relatively new project for Matthias Sampson and Christian Muccino, the pair has been collaborating together for two decades, most notably as part of the band Liquid Daydream, who had five releases between 1991 and 2003. The self-titled album Endless Interstate is the duo’s sixth release, though it is the debut album for this project. Complimenting each other perfectly, Matt and Chris, who each enjoy a plethora of responsibilities within Endless Interstate, have created an elegant spectrum of music with deeply thought-provoking lyrics that will touch places deep within the human heart.

Graceful guitar work is prominent throughout and there is excellent vocal harmonizing in nearly every track. Bongos, congas and other assorted instruments give this album a refreshing and invigorating feel. Matt’s vocals can be likened to Aaron Lewis of Staind at times, and fans of Toad the Wet Sprocket may find similarities in the rhythm and tone of some pieces. “Keep It Right” is the opening track and the lyrics are inspiring and delivered with confidence. With a slight country feel and plentiful dashes of bongos and congas, this song is softly beautiful. The vocal harmonizing is wonderful and the overall sound quality is pleasing as well. This is a great introduction to Endless Interstate.

“Place Called Home” carries a rhythm that is vaguely reminiscent of R.E.M. towards the beginning and Matt’s vocals are delivered in a deep and more drawn out style than in the preceding track. Chris’s guitar playing is graceful, both the acoustic and the electric, and this piece rolls smoothly. The lyrics carry a haunting sense of despair as Matt gently croons about the plight of the homeless. “Quiet Room (As the Crow Flies)” contains some of the most beautifully written lyrics, not just on this album, but within the music world in general. With touching honesty, Matt delivers these lyrics in a voice that is reminiscent of Zack Maloy of the Nixons. Brimming with emotion, creativity and purity, this track is exceptional and will affect listeners in ways that are profound, meaningful and lasting.

Endless Interstate shifts gears slightly with “Rise Above,” which takes on a slightly tribal essence with occasionally incongruent melodies and exceptional musicianship. Using the best of their varied talents, Matt and Chris utilize a variety of instruments in this piece, and the overall effect is one of experimentation. Listeners will either love or hate this offering, but whichever way they swing, the musical talent made evident in this piece cannot be denied. “Speak To Me” continues in this vein, but with a more conventional and upbeat rhythm. Perhaps the lightest track on the album with regards to tempo and lyrics, this track is like watching the sunshine break through the clouds.

The closing track, “Turn Around,” is a wonderfully elegant piece that showcases everything these two gentlemen have in their repertoire; outstanding musicianship, intelligent lyrics, and a beauty that cannot be replicated. Occasionally dark and sometimes depressing, the music of Endless Interstate can also be bright and uplifting, depending on how listeners let the music affect them. When music can be dark and light, depressing and uplifting at the same time, it is truly artful. This talented pair of musicians has tapped into an endless well of creativity, aptly titled Endless Interstate.

Review by Rhonda Readence
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
- Rhonda Readence - Aerial Publicity


Endless Interstate - Self-Titled 6 Song EP
Speak To Me
Place Called Home
Keep It Right
Quiet Room (As The Crow Flies)
Turn Around
Rise Above



Endless Interstate is Christian Muccino (guitars) and Matthias Sampson (vocals). Chris and Matt have been creating music since 1991. Original members of Liquid Daydream, an all original rock band from Maine; they have reunited to form Endless Interstate, an Alternative Acoustic Rock duo. The release of "Endless Interstate" marks the 6th studio release for Matt and Chris, with 5 prior in Liquid Daydream.