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"Top Five Music List"

Top 5 Local Music Events of 2005:

- Dewey Beach Music Conference

- Delaware Alt-Pop Fest
(featuring Endless Mike Jambox, Bullette, The Cocks, Terminal Lunchbox)

- The Spazzatorium (brilliant but short lived)
[Jambox=house band]

- The Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

- Communion

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; - TSN Out & About Magazine

"Newark Punk Rockers Surface Just Long Enough to Go Under"

by Ryan Cormier

Spazzatorium is no more.

The just-opened underground rock club in Newark was closed Friday, the same day it was profiled in a News Journal article about new music venues.

Apparently it was a little too underground for city officials.

The Newark punk band Endless Mike Jambox had been renting a studio in a residential neighborhood off North St. for practice space. They then decided to hold shows there and charge admission, effectively turning the space into a business, which is illegal, officials said...

[Newark Building Department director] Sylvester said he was told about the club as soon as he got to work at 8am Friday after residents and town officials read about it in the newspaper...

"It's good to see the people at the city are doing their jobs" [Billy] joked. "This was all just a test to see if they are on point."...

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; - Wilmington NewsJournal

"Spazzing Out"

Minutes after our friend Ryan Cormier writes about the new Newark club the Spazzatorium, it's forced to close because it is violating a few zoning laws.

Positives: You don't ever have to use the phrase "I'm going to the Spazz."

Negatives: One less venue for music. Do we detect a theme on the year, here?

[Excepted from Spark's 2004 Year in Review]

[endless mike jambox were the creators of the spazz and played both of the two shows that happened there.]

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; - Spark Magazine

""Endless" Rock"

Things to do in the region
Saturday March 25, 2005


"Endless" Rock.

Newark's Endless Mike Jambox cranks out its big melodic crunch with an avalanche of hooks, sweaty stage antics and a heaping helping of passion. Show starts at nine tonight with two other bands. EMJ goes on at 11. My Place Tavern Dover, DE

:::::::::::::::::::::; - Wilmington News Journal


...There was some very good music performed at the 3rd DAP, Saturday, Sept. 17...

... And the Endless Mike Jambox. This is the band that, right now, anywhere else, could rally a local scene and explode it's boundaries well past this insulated valley. There's been a few such bands- the Houseplants, Nero, the Knobs, 99 Degrees, but they all imploded before their time- which was hard to wait for considering no one here seemed interested at the time. Here's hoping EMJ find the huge audience they deserve.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; - The Invasion

"All Hail Endless Mike Jambox"


:::::::::::::::::; - Two Dollar Radio

"Endless Mike Jambox"

Do you remember that guy in high school with the tall green or blue mohawk who always wore is Docs or Cons; dirty and tight blue jeans; and always seemed to be wearing a Crass, Ramones, or Business T-shirt? Remember how he always bashed people who listened to bands like Blink 182, MxPx, or Sum 41? Remember how he was such a huge douche-bag? Well? Do you? I know I remember that guy. Well, this is the same guy who would secretly go home throw on his new Hurley shirt and Dickies shorts that mommy bought him, and skank around his room while blasting MxPx. He would then ponder life while listening to Blink 182's "Adams Song". Yep, we all knew someone like this in high school with there more punk-than-thou attitude. The reason I bring this up is due to this band, Endless Mike Jambox. If they were around while I was in high school this stupid punk fuck and I might have been able to find a happy little medium when it came to 'punk' music.

In most reviews I would half-ass-ly attempt to go into a bit of detail about each song but since they had ten songs I've decided not to do so this time. What I will do is talk a bit about the band.

I was immediately impressed when I went to the bands website and saw that I would be able to listen to ten of their songs. I was even more impressed when I actually listened to their music. Endless Mike Jambox flawlessly combines the ferocity of east coast hardcore, the poppy sound of So-Cal punk, and the Down and Dirty attitude of old-school punk. They then wrap it all up and top it with a shiny red bow.

"Tonight I'm gonna get fucked up. Tonight I'm gonna be a slut..." This is a line from their song 'The Karl Konnection' and I feel it aptly sums up what this band does for me. Endless Mike Jambox envokes long-lost memories form high school; the parties, the drinking, the shows, the hot chicks who wouldn't give me the time of day. What guy in school didn't want to get fucked up and be a slut? Really now, because you all know that you thought this. This band's music really seems to reflect the feelings of youth. Shit, I'm 24 and I still feel this band speaking to the high-schooler in me.

The music is poppy but not so much where you can throw them directly into the pop-punk genre. It is just enough to allow you to sing to it. The band's music provides catchy but well-written lyrics, strong hooks, strong vocal ability, and great composition. The music is, for a lack of better words, happy sounding.

Endless Mike Jambox are the band you'd want to play at your party, they're the band that you wish would get radio play, they the band you listen to while driving around with friends. Quite simply they're the band that you'd create memories with.

Although, they aren't the Clash, I'll still give them 4 out of 5 stars.

www.endlessmikejambox.com - Lawn Gnome Death March


EP: 5 songs, Self-titled; Suburban Legend Records

LP: 14 songs, Another Hot Freshy-Freshy;
Madison Underground Recordings

LP: 'Dare to be Clutch' COMING SOON!!!!

You can see and listen to all sorts of our junk at sites such as:

www.mohawkradio.com [mp3s]


Feeling a bit camera shy


www.endlessmikejambox.com www.myspace.com/thejambox www.madisonundergoundpress.com

Endless Mike Jambox came together in the fall of 2002, forming from the ashes of two Delaware bands: Power of IV & Signal/Static.

Striving to provide for the world what it so desperately lacked, the Jambox set forth writing explosive, high energy music, with a devastating live show to back it up. Three years later, they have a 14 song LP called Another Hot Freshy-Freshy and a cadre of live shows under their belt. The Jambox continues writing sick rhymes over grooved beats & riffs.

Today, the Jambox is back and stronger than ever. They have an awesome new drummer, a stable of new songs, and a renewed dedication to giving the world a musical smack to the balls.