Endless Sky

Endless Sky


The truth can be ugly, or it can be beautiful. But either way, it is relayed in our music. So hook up your ears to your soul and your fears. Let it mean to you what it will.


Endless Sky was originally solo acoustic project by vocalist/guitarist, Sam Kidd. When deciding to thicken the sound by adding a drummer capable of producing consistant, jazzy, and inovative drum beats, Sam turned to his long time friend, Chase Friedman. The pair had worked together before in years past on numerous projects. Having similar influences like Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Anthony Green, Henry Rollins, Cedric Bixler Zavala, Lou Reed, Jim Morisson, Michael Gira, and author, William S. Burroughs, the two had the perfect chemistry to create the poetic, raw, and heartfelt sound they have today.
After a few of months playing as many shows as possible in venues around the metroplex, Endless Sky decided to take the material they had become confident in playing, to record their first full-length LP with Nomad Records. Recording not only helped the band to broaden their knowledge of the industry, but made better muscians out of them as well.
Ready to take their music to the next level, Endless Sky is focusing on being heard in as many places as possible.


In the fall of 2009, we released our first LP with Nomad Records entitled "Dead Like Me".
The LP features our successful single, "Alive", along with 10 other tracks.

We are currently working on a 5 track EP entitled "No Cure".

Tracks from "Dead Like Me" are sometimes aired on UTAradio.com on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6-7.

Set List

We are capable of playing a set anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours long, depending on time availability by the venue.
The songs are usually performed in the order they are listed, ending at the conclusion of the time slot. Songs prepared to preform are as follows.

1. Alive
2. Alprazolam
3. Bad Habits
4. Don't Let Go
5. Dear Nancy,
6. I Won't Give Up
7. Not Afraid
8. Numb
9. Pre-Death
10. Who Am I Supposed To Be?
11. Moving On
12. I'm Not Supposed To
13. The Photographer and His Medium
14. I'll Never Be That Man
15. Strange Vibes
16. No Cure
17. Arms Crossed
18. There Always Will be Something
19. Just Like Quicksand
20. Wide Awake
21. This Time It's Going To Be Different