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The best kept secret in music


"Endochine - Kings of A&R"

Endochine – Austin, TX. Following the success of their critically acclaimed debut offering “i” and such notable shows as Live At Indy IRL Nascar Race (Fort Worth, TX 20,000+ people), Blinded By ROCK Music Festival (6000+), SXSW, Rock-U Showcase Series (500+ per show), Atlantis Music Conference 2003, Red Bull Flugtag (45,000), 101X SpringFest (12,500), KRBE/Green Mountain Energy Earth Day Festival 2003, Gibson Guitar Grand Slam Jam, 101X 8-Ball (3,000) as well as countless gigs with prominent national bands, Endochine returns in full force with their spectacular sophomore album Day Two.

Produced by Lars Gorranson (The Cardigans, Fastball, Cotton Mather) and comprised of eleven tracks, Day Two wonderfully captures the essence of Endochine’s eclectic, yet addictive brand of passionate rock with its Brit-rock trappings (Coldplay, Travis, Radiohead), vintage spirit (Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Buckley) and hints of psychedelia (The Flaming Lips). With the album ranging from such high-energy, infectious radio-ready cuts as Enough About You and Stalker to more ambient indulgences in Without Love, A New Beginning as well as such beatific ballads as Can’t Find A Way, Secret, Music To Drive And Cry To, and the tear-jerking, symphonic Always Tomorrow, not to mention the fiery, garage-like Breadline and Key To My Heart, Day Two is a standout record that will easily appeal to a wide variety of listeners.

Overall, Day Two is an impressive release – more so because it was put out by an independent artist – and an album that should define Endochine, a band that has vastly matured over the years and now is simply on top of their game… Street date for Day Two is September 16th in Austin. Band will be performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Saturday, September 20th w/REM, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, etc. 70,000 expected. Upcoming dates include the State Fair Of Texas on October 3rd, with the band opening for Lisa Marie Presley, followed by their Official CD Release Party the same day at Stubb’s. - Kings of A&R

"Endochine - Ft. Worth Weekly"

Day Two
By Vic Drabicky

Just about everyone from the Fort Worth/Dallas area is used to Austin over-hyping itself and just about everything in it: South By Southwest, all the bars along 6th Street, Bob Schneider (his solo act, not his band The Scabs). So when Austinites began touting Endochine as the Next Big Thing, many a skeptical eyebrow was raised. But after just one listen to Endochine's latest, Day Two, even those with their brows up by their hairlines might begin to think that the state capital is on to something.

The guys in Endochine not only know how their instruments should sound but also know how each song should be arranged, played, and delivered. Nowhere is this more clear than on "Secret." What easily could have become another overproduced, super-shiny, radio-rock song or effects-ridden Radiohead wannabe is a pleasant mix of well-placed (and well-executed) lyrics, powerful, intelligently written guitar solos, and just enough playful energy to keep the song interesting and original.

True, Endochine can't take all the credit for the creative construction of these 11 tracks. Often minimal but very significant, the input of highly underrated producer Lars Gorranson (The Cardigans, Fastball) can be heard throughout. His handiwork -- judicious use of special effects, guitars out in front -- lends just the right amount of spice to hook a listener and keep each song edgy.

For skeptics of anything Austin considers "great," Day Two is a must. It's the one thing that Austin seems to have gotten right. - Ft. Worth Weekly

"Endochine - Decoymusic.com"

Ring, Ring...uhh..hold the FREAKING PHONE. I just got hella smacked right in the chops. All you hipster wannabies drop your lattes and whatever flavor of the month garage rock band you have in your walkman and listen up for a second. I'm back at it again scouring the universe for musical greatness and once again I've hit gold. You know how disappointed you were by The Matrix Revolutions? Remember that sickly feeling in your stomach when the Cubs and Red Sox both choked on their respective splinters, to the dismay of millions? Well, I sure as heck do, and alcohol won't cure it all. So now's the time to rejoice as you realize life is worth living. Austin, Texas's Endochine is here to make it all grand again!

Endochine's glorious welcoming party is in the form of "Day Two..." and it's an amazing 41 minute journey across a bevy of musical landscapes. This time it's not exactly indie, it's definitely not hardcore, and miles away from pop. However, it would feel completely snug between The Strokes, Radiohead, and Coldplay on any modern rock station, and possibly a step above at moments. This is addictive, and not in that "guilty pleasure" sorta way. It's full of srtings, pianos and knee quivering vocals adkin to the late Jeff Buckley and Thome Yorke. The opener "Enough About You" is an eclectic fast paced ditty found so familar on the brit-pop scene with instant hook-ability. On "Secret" we get the first taste of the godly croon and the violin laced harmonies that left me stunned. "Without Love" reminded me instantly of Kenna's "Hellbent" with the slow electro intro and identical vocal qualities. The album closer "Always Tomorrow" is just plain beautiful...I could easily gush about every single track, but I choose to leave some to your imagination. Currently I'm on about "Day 14" of listening to this album..and not even close to being finished. endochine.com



Ben Folds Five
The Flaming Lips
Jeff Buckley

-Adam Roncaglione (editor)
- Decoymusic.com

"Endochine - Melody Lee - PD @ KROX-FM"

Everytime I see Endochine live, they blow me away. The new CD is nothing short of phenomenal, and the addition of Johnny Goudie to the band is nothing short of awesome. Do yourself a favor, put Day 2 into your CD player and press "repeat," and go out of your way to see Endochine live. You'll thank yourself in the morning.
- Melody Lee - PD @ KROX-FM

"Endochine - Radioio.com"

"day two"
by endochine

passionate, energetic, sweet, eclectic, intelligent, unsigned AND addictive

in keeping with the last two weeks of treating you to amazing unsigned acts, this week we focus on another brilliant unsigned act. endochine hail from austin texas, and have just released their second cd day two. this quintet shows influence from british rock, psychedelia, but injecting it with energy level of bands like queens of the stone age and the foo fighters. the end result leaves me listening to day two over and over again.

day two is full of both charismatic lyrics and charming melodies, it keeps the intensity of rock up as well. all of this leaves endochine with a crisp clean sound, all fans wanting more. they toured the states coast-to-coast twice last year, catch them on a date for the day two tour if you can.

listen this week for standout tracks including breadline, cant find a way, enough about you, key to my heart, stalker, secret and more.

keep your eyes focused on this space all year as we give both signed and unsigned acts some love. the focus here on radioioRock is ALWAYS quality music. endochine definitely fits the mold.

the sound of endochine will capture your ears, heart AND mind - Radioio.com

"Endochine - R&R Magazine"

Radio and Records: Jan 30 2004


Could '04 be the year of the unsigned band? By the looks of the R&R Specialty Chart, indie bands are off to a hell of a start. L.A.'s Mighty Sixty Ninety spent two weeks at the top, and now, Austin's Endochine are making a strong showing with their second independent release, Day Two. Take The Beatles' psychedelic trips of the '60s and drop them into Radiohead's coffee, and you might get a sense of what's going on during the album's best moments. The guitars rise and fall like the tides with Nathan Harlan's swooning falsetto and the atmosphere throughout Day Two is thicker than London fog. Check out the opener, "Enough About You", the dynamic tension of "Secret", or "A New Beginning", which builds from piano-driven melancholy to a deliriously dissonant finish. Check them out at SXSW this year, or contact their manager, Trevor Hance at
512-656-5108 for more info.

-- Frank Correia, Rock Specialty Editor - R&R - Magazine

"Endochine - SMU Music Guide"


ENDOCHINE www.endochine.com The best band from Austin in years. Somewhere between Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins, endochine finds a glorious musical haven. Wondrous Dual vocalists and inspiring music induce the awe and amazement once exclusive to bands like U2 and Coldplay. Editor’s Pick: MUST SEE. (CC)
- SMU Publishing


"i" - 2001
"Day Two" - 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


With comparisons ranging from The Foo Fighters and The Smashing Pumpkins to Radiohead and The Beatles, Endochine is capturing the hearts and minds of today's music culture without sacrificing their baseline ideal that "the music has to come first."

Endochine's unique sound has its roots in captivating harmonic and lyrical interplay, driving rhythms and naturally crafted hook-laden tunes. Through their influences, experiences, and by relying on each other, Endochine has created a musical environment that is distinct and diverse, yet accessible and addictive.

With nationwide press and radio starting to hit, '04 looks to be a big year for the band.