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End Of An Era

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End Of An Era is Hip Hop for those who've been misled to believe they dislike it. EOE blends singing and rapping with melodic influences of Soul, Funk, and Reggae, clever arrangements, tasteful live instrumentation, and timeless, yet contemporary lyrics that speak to all generations.


End Of An Era consists of vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist "YONI" (Best known for his featured vocals on Matisyahu's Gold-selling debut "Live At Stubb's"), Producer/DJ/Engineer RONIN, and a rotating cast of well respected live musicians including: members of jam band "Particle," Matisyahu's longtime backing band "Roots Tonic," Minneapolis Jazz masters, JT Bates, James Buckley, Mike Louis, and more.

END OF AN ERA is a unique voice in the misunderstood and ever-changing world of Hip Hop music. Vocalist and primary songwriter Yoni, writes from the perspective of a quiet observer. He paints a picture, often keeping his opinions to himself, and allows the listener to make their own choice. When he does write in the first person he speaks openly, and honestly about his life, and experiences.

TOURED WITH: Matisyahu, Sage Francis, 311, P.O.S. Doomtree, Pigeon John, the Suicide Kings, Dirty Headz...

SHARED STAGES WITH: Atmosphere, Eyedea + Abilities, Kool Kieth, Lyrics Born, Odd Jobs, Medeski, Martin + Wood, Arrested Development, Rebirth Brass Band, Wookiefoot, the Big Wu....

PERFORMED AT: Untiy Tour 2007 (20 shows as guest MC with Matisyahu), Austin City Limits Festival, Twin Cities Festival of Hip Hop, Hip Hop + Harmony Festival, Harvest Fest, Big Wu Family Reunion, Project Earth Festival, Wakarusa Festival, Wham Bam Thank You Jam, Juliapalooza...


"End Of An Era" (Self-Titled) Debut
Release Date: September 30th 2008

"Family Portrait"
Currently In Production

Set List

Hip Hop started with the DJ. It's origin has been continually disputed, but whether it was Kool Herc in the Bronx, DJ Hollywood, or early Jamaican Sound Systems, The DJ is always the backbone.

On stage, End Of An Era is much like DJ. They seamlessly mix original material with teases of familiar grooves, and accessible melodies, with a focus on keeping it moving, and keeping the crowd involved.

Set Length: 30-75 minutes

Rapping, Singing, Beatboxing, Instrumental Grooves.